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Post by apochboi »

This has probably been asked before but what are the superships and is it possible for someone to post the class of each ship so that when we do play on it, were not wasting money buying something which isnt a supership.
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Post by Rakinite »

Looks like someone's a wee bit attached to 9/2.5? I can still gratify your request. Note that many of the SSes are named after players, some of which don't play anymore.

Iron Coalition/IC Rookies:
SS: Ezekiel's Saber
Class: Fighter
-Notes: Can mount AC, Skycaps, Skyrip

SS #1: Gigadeath
Class: Scout
-Notes: Huge proxmine/probe capacity

SS #2: Stealth Spider
Class: Stealth Fighter
-Notes: 10 capacity missle racks, infinite heavy cloak

SS: Mad Fighter(aka Pamela)
Class: Fighter
-Notes: Can mount Heavy cloak, proxmines.

SS: The Raven
Class: Troop Transport
-Notes: Super fast and stealthy, but probably useless in the SS DMs.

Rixian Unity:
SS: Shiz
Class: Gunship
-Notes: If you have skycap 5, you can have someone use a dual skycap turret in your ship.

Dregh'klar Empire:
SS: Foho
Class: Interceptor
-Notes: Insane acceleration and agility

Ga'Tarran Federation:
SS: Zwitterstang
Class: Mustang
-Notes: Infinite heavy cloak, double the amount of ACs normal.

SS: S.S. Sideo
Class: Scout
-Notes: Basically like a toned down version of Gigadeath, except in ship handling.

I don't think there's a comprehensive guide about these ships anywhere in the old forums, although there's definitely information. Now for some important facts:

1. THESE SHIPS ARE NOT BALANCED. They only will show up in 9/2.5 games. If for some reason a normal settings game goes on long enough for everyone to finish triple techs, then both teams deserve the ricidulous pwnage that's going to happen.

2. NON-SS SHIPS CAN BE QUITE USEFUL IN RPS. For example, the Rixian Stealth Fighter and Destroyer mount useful weapons, like combat pods and the PW lancer. Anyways, if you triple tech in your 9/2.5 DMs, try to get all the applicable GAs.
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Post by CronoDroid »

For Super Ship - All three Adv Techbases, and the Assault level of whatever class the ship is, for example, to obtain the Stealth Spider, you need an Adv Sup, Adv Tac, Adv Exp (note that these are all seperate buildings from the original techbases that you must research and build) and then Assault SF.

GigaCorp: Stealth Spider (SF), Gigadeath (Scout)
Iron Co: Ezekiel's Sabre (Fighter)
Rixian: Shiz (Gunship)
BIOS: Madfighter (Fighter)
Dreg: Foho (Interceptor)
Technoflux: SS Sideo (Scout)
Belters: Raven (HTT)
Ga'Tarran: Zwitterstang (Mustang)

I can't remember anything else, sorry. Someone correct me if I'm wrong (like Madpeople).

All the ships are named after famous players, the Shiz - Shizoku, Ezekiel's Sabre - ZekeSulastin, Madfighter - Madpeople or MadAcc, Foho - Fox_Four, SS Sideo - Sideo, Zwitterstang - Zwitter, etc.

You do not have to research the Super Ships seperately, when you have the Ass class, you'll automatically be able to ride them.
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Post by madpeople »

madpeople fighter is mine, it got cut down to madfighter because of name length

SS: Mad Fighter(aka Pamela)
Class: Fighter
-Notes: Can mount Heavy cloak, proxmines.

it can rip to other madpeople fighters, and can galv lt ops while cloaked and not run out of energy while using all 4 galvs solo

oh and infinate hvy cloak 2 and 3
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