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Changelog from VoS 0.90, largely bugfixes. Awaiting posting to AU and servers.

Rixian Unity
    * PW damage decreased from 1.20 to 1.15
    * New Icon for Prox bombs
    * Both TF towers now cost 800 credits
    * Mini-AC has a range of 1000 meters, but with an increased projectile speed
    * Skycap 3 range increased from 20 yards to 2000 meters
    * Plas Gats now do the same damage as regular gatts (20% reduction)
    * Plas skycap damage brought in line with regular skycap damage (roughly a 50% reduction in damage)
    * TF basic/adv scouts no longer have dual nans (TF heavy scouts still have dual nans)
    * Plas gens now fit in the same slots as prox mines, instead of minepacks
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by yards, do you mean meters (which is what distance is [believed to be] measured in allegiance)? or are we to convert your measurements in yards to meters to see how far things go in game? tongue.gif

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What can I say, I use yards a lot at work wink.gif
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TF bombs need more activation time and maybe more arm time
Beyond the clock tower.
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