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Full Version: game won`t run
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Forrest Gump
Windows Version (and Service Packs): Windows 10
Video Card (Make and Model#): I don`t know
Sound Card (Make and Model#): I don`t know
Connection Type (Dialup, Cable, DSL, other): Cable
Modem/Router (Make and Model#): ATT UNIVERSE 52268AC FXN
Internet Service Provider(company name): AT@T
Location(State/Province/Locality, and Country): North Carolina USA
Installed Mods:

Make and Version of firewall: WINDOWS SECURITY
Make and version of anti-virus:

I cannot find the audio and video card information
The game does not work,,,this is a custom built high end personal coumputer...when i try to start I get what looks safe mode..after that I get the home page...everything looks ok..I can get the introduction video and the first training video starts but stops working a couple of mins in...I have reinstalled the game with the same results

I am not particularly computer literate but I follow instructions fairly well..I cannot find any specific information for the sound and video cards

Can you help ?
It's a known issue with training missions, on some computers they work, on some they doesn't (especially the slide presentations).

If one training mission doesn't work, skip it and try the next one. You shouldn't have any problems with training mission 6/7.
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