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New Phone: HTC Incredible

Posted by spideycw, May 12 2010, 10:58 AM

I have finally parted ways with my Blackberry for Verizon's newest smart phone, the HTC Incredible. Let me start off by saying how freaking FAST this phone is. 1ghz processor baby. Switching screens and opening programs up is seamless. Not only that I get 0 slowdown even with 6-8 programs open at the same time (yes it can multi task)

It has all the basic features on would expect: wifi, 3g, microsd slot (up to 32gb I beleive but may accept up to 64gb), and clear call quality. The interface is slick and amazingly customizable. I think that is what I really like about this phone, the degree to which you can customize it. There are several default (themes) you can choose but you can just as easily make some of your own that you can instantly select. This includes what icons you have on what screens and what programs you always have open and can just access by swiping your finger left or right to a different screen. There are 7 "always open" screen slots and you can access them by swiping left or right or holding down the home button to bring up a mini view of all screens. For example the screen from left to right can be Weather, Messages, Emails, Home, News Service, Agenda, Friend Stream. It makes it super easy to get to what you use most.

One feature I thought would be just a gimmick but that I really like is how you unlike your phone by drawing a pattern on it. I save lots of time just doing this instead of pounding in numbers and it is very fast. For those of you with google voice accounts, or google accounts of anytime it really does integrate so well you don't even notice.

8megapixel dual flash camera is a beast. App store is packed full of lovely apps (go go Dilbert Comic Strip) and the touch screen is a pleasure to use. The keyboard is amazing as is the predictive text interface. I almost never turn the phone horizontal I can accomplish everything vertical and it looks great.

After a few more days I will be able to give a better idea about the battery life but I mus say I am extremely happy with this phone and recommend it to all Verizon customers looking for a kick ass and un-neutered phone.

The Leaving of Insanity Boy

Posted by spideycw, Oct 29 2009, 10:08 AM

By now you have all heard IB_ has returned to his false home of Palidors Knights (the second best squad in Allegiance for those just tuning in). Citing one primary reason for his return, most notable the purchase by his squad game commander of four games distributed via steam, he has returned to those who increase their squad ranks via free games. SysX is grateful those who are so easily bribed have been returned to where they came from - and look forward to crushing them all (mwhahahahhaa) assuming they can pull themselves out of L4D2 or Killing Floor to make the games.

IB_ leaving SysX is definitely a wake up call. It seems to be that if we want to be competitive in today's squad roster market I, Commander Spidey, must not offer people four free games. I must off them FIVE - and print out and mail all the .pdf manuals to the individuals house. With so much printing to do - I have asked Nuke to use his government resources (he is the president after all) to make sure all the manual printing gets done using your tax dollars.

Farewell IB_,

PK's gain will most certainly bankrupt our treasury by buying everyone games to keep them around

Chef Spidey

Posted by spideycw, Oct 6 2009, 06:08 PM

The Return of IB

Posted by spideycw, Aug 27 2009, 04:27 PM

By now you have all heard InsanityBoy_ has returned to his rightful home of System X. Citing several reasons for his return, especially his desire to be reunite with his half brother DrBeginner, he has returned to where it all began. SysX is grateful for the excellent pilot we have reacquired - and look forward to turning his miner killing specialties against our foes.

In the past I have waged a personal vendetta against anyone who has stolen any of our beloved System X pilots, desiring to have them crushed to their component elements and our pilots returned to us - and it looks like in this case it worked. As a former Knight of Palidor myself it was tough to wage such unrelenting war against former allies of mine, but IB was too valuable to let go without a fight.

InsanityBoy_ rejoining System X is definitely a wake up call for me. With so many whiners in one place - I now have to step twice as fast to stay ahead of all the coup attempts.

Welcome back IB.

PK's loss is most certainly our gain.


Posted by spideycw, Aug 2 2009, 10:24 PM

10pm est time on HBO. Fantastic Show - but I hate it because its so awesome I can't complain about anything. I recommend all of you plebes catch it - its only 5 shows deep so far!

Frank Exchange Of Views

Posted by spideycw, Jul 24 2009, 09:13 AM

I have an interesting approach when it comes to dating - an approach that most of my friends disagree with.

That approach is based around one simple tenet - ALWAYS try - before you buy. Would you get a new car without test driving it? I don't think so!

So why are so many people eager to jump into committed relationships before you try them out in bed? I'll tell you why - you are fools - poor desperate fools!

So next time, before you start dating a woman who makes Paris Hilton look like a sexual freak - give her a whirl before being tied down!

Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival

Posted by spideycw, Jul 20 2009, 09:26 AM

Went out drinking with a group
My buddy was there to meet a new girl
She seemed nice enough
She turned to the bar to get a drink
Scratch marks all down her back
I asked if she fell on a rake
She claimed she had bed bugs
My friend was not convinced

The lesson?

If you want to wear backless
Make sure you're scratchless

Wisdom Like Silence

Posted by spideycw, Jul 18 2009, 11:55 PM

Ahhh, my first blog. I figure I will use this as a lovely place to share some of the fantastic stories I hear in my daily travels with you all. Some of the stories may be a bit "exciting" so please if daring tales of adventure, a race of subway people called the Mole Men, and intrepid romances among people from Jersey and Manhattan bother you - do NOT check my blog.

Also I didn't read the whole terms and conditions thingy before I hit agree so not really sure what I am not allowed to say - so just don't read anything if you vomit easily.

Let me leave you all with this lovely thought.

Some of you pride yourselves on how smart you are - and feel the need to open your mouths and jibber jabber on the forums about it. This is akin to painting a giant target on yourselves.

In the end remember - there is no Wisdom...like Silence*

*full credit to IMB