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Blowing off the dust

Posted by juckto, Aug 19 2010, 03:28 AM

If you don't know, your "My Controls" page on the forums has a personal "notepad" where you can store quick notes. This is what I noticed was on mine ... I have no idea how long it's been there, or why I put it on my Allegiance space. It's pretty ... random.

At one time or another everyone has been at the explore phase. A new activity or sport catches your attention and you want give it a go to see what is involved and what is required.

The next phase in the continuum is learning the basic skills required to participate in the activity. You may go along to a session or two or speak to someone involved in the activity and sign up to lessons or a course.

In this phase you are able to take part in an activity with some competence and confidence. Participation a key phase, it is when you start to enjoy your new activity, turning up at each session looking forward to whats in store.

You enter the perform phase when you have mastered the basic skills and tactics of the activity. Performing at a chosen activity takes a little more commitment and having participated and experienced your activity it may be time to push a little further.

To excel at your given activity means you can perform to a high level of competence. It doesnt have to mean competing in national events, it simply means excelling for you, doing the best that you can do. It will give you the chance to shine and surpass any preconceived ideas of what you were capable of. For some people this will be a gold medal at the Olympics for others it will mean completing a 10km walk.

Was I going to adapt it to talk about Cadet, or something? God knows.

WH40k nerds ahoy!

Posted by juckto, Oct 19 2009, 02:37 AM

Got a new camera as a present on the weekend. Sweet little beast, 12 megapixels and I don't know what else. Important thing is, it has a custom white balance setting so I can take decent pictures of miniatures. Haven't been able to do that since my camera crapped out last November. So, without further ado:

Lord, squads, dread, vindi, and rhinos in that order:


A few close ups of some other conversions:

Army shot (2 megs).

Testing testing

Posted by juckto, Jul 14 2009, 06:52 PM

One two three.

I was wondering if my new ZL toys included a publicly readable blog.

Zymurgy (zi-mr-je), noun.

  1. The branch of chemistry that deals with fermentation processes, as in brewing.
  2. The last word.