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its Been a long road

Posted by barricuda, Jun 14 2010, 12:42 PM

my its been a long road for me an aleg...
a wile back i stop playing as i had a freak accident. damm tree doped on my car breaking my back and neck and its been a slow recovery and return to normal mobility but with only 2 vertebra fused im back to 100% after getting home in order( i do have a child to mind) i decided to play alleg again.
well ive learned a few thing quick

1. alleg had not changed one bit

2. i had a few brushes with my squad ill leave at that but ive resigned from the Borg. they walk another path than i do and believe it or not NAB it has nothing to do with your levels of activity or strength...hell i was with SRM until the break well after we could barely field a team. no its just im not a fit for them anymore so i think ill fly it my own.

3. commanding...i know my commanding sucks badly, a fact shiz hammers me with every time. i only command for the fun of doing so. afterall a game is supposed to be fun, yes? but lately ive thought i truly should get it together. so ive made a hard effort to scrap everything i know about commanding and start over. ive been lookin over the wiki for ACS and ive got all of that data printed and around my dest taped to the wall...looks horrible but if you want to determined to improve my skill at commanding and im trying to seek sponsorship from some current commands of note but ive received no replys...i didnt think i would...after all who has time to help a vet whos played from AZ days and STILL sucks ? but ill plug away at it and who knows? any improvement at this point is better than nil.

4. of coarse my faction models were lost over time YET AGAIN. this isisnt always a bad thing. each time i remodel them it gets nicer, i still wish i had help texturing them. i sue wings 3d to export to milkshape...i can texture in wings 3d but i dont thing its the right way to do this. in any case ill be going back to the drawing board and re creating models yet again. i guess im waiting in inspiration to strike me on how i want to theme them...well see but i think my modeling skill is better than it used to be

all in all its been a rocky return but ill do my best to improve myself and make a + contribution over all...

wish me luck!

Arch ANGELS will fly dammit!

Posted by barricuda, Aug 26 2008, 12:08 AM

so you know (or dont) i was workin on this faction long ago and life got me, got a new comp and didnt backup the files when i got rid of my old comp...well the hell with it, im doin it all again... this time with better models n @#(!...i dont know what perks or story or what nots ill add but ill think that up when im done models...never hurts to come up with ideas for me...shoot em and we can do this together...

check me out in the Mich development threads....

fly it like u stole it.


Posted by barricuda, Mar 23 2007, 05:50 PM

or what ever its called has ruined the game for me. people stacked b4, but now they want to stack even more. in the old times, players just knew who was good and who wasent. now they just look at the numbers... i used to enjoy commanding late night pick up games. sure i loose alot, but thats cause i dont mind loosing..i wasent in it for the stats...but now.....heh. i can go on and on about it..but im sure u all know what i have to say...make it like it was..take away the damd #'s and make only noobies ware a number. elo/helo sucks...

im loosing intrest in alleg now.

A Startrek Core

Posted by barricuda, Mar 12 2007, 01:34 AM

i still wanna make a startrek core...but whos gonna host it? i got the most of it maped out...we dont need fighters and what nots..its a cap ship core after all. the smallest ship is oviously a shuttle...but we move up to distroyer size (defiant class) and keep goin up to into light cruisers (dont think alleg cruisers) with maby 1 turret, to cruisers, Heavy cruisers, Battleships, and finaly Dreads. its more about tech development than ship classes... think on it...many many cap ships...with turrets. imagine the 8 to 15 caps fightin another 8 to 10 THATS a fleet fight. thats, afterall, what startrek is about!

anyhow..i have many many star trek ships modled out....but the federation ones give me the most problems skinning....any of u wanna give it a try>?

try this one....

USS Chimera - Heavy Cruiser class

tell me what format u want and ill send it to ya to skin....

looks funny in that last pic as i added some armor plating and a quantum torp launcher on the rear deck/arm thingie


Posted by barricuda, Mar 7 2007, 02:06 AM

well it comes along now complete with all models and skining.

see here=

just need to get some one to make CVH boxes and whatnot cause i dont use if any of you can help...?

Playing with Models

Posted by barricuda, Mar 1 2007, 04:57 PM

took me long enough, but im havin fun. i downloaded WINGS 3d long ago and started playing with it. at 1st it was difficult and odd...i dont know all the terms for things like most pepole, like faces and vertices...but i know them by "points" "lines" and "fields". after pulling, addin lines, movin points...i started to get the gist of it and made simple things. then came skins...omg i hated trying to figger that one out..i tryed the online tuts..but i was i kep at it and got some progress...

soon the Starwarz mod droped and i was inspired to make a Startrek one. i started with the easy models, like the borg. simple shapes (til u get to bases and what nots) easy made but skinning was odd...but thats how i learned to unwrap em.

anyhow...after mapin out the borg, romulan, feds, and Klingon ships mostly...i came to some realizations...
1. i dont have a server to host em.
2. copywright
3. and there wings 3D models....!

thats my problem to date!
i dont have milkshape as i dont model enough to buy that. so wings has no way to make hit boxes, and CVH lines for gun mounts,thrust and what nots... i has a pack of useless models! th only way i could move ahead is export them all into a format some one ELSE can use wings to complete them with and i can go on...but no one has time for that stuff...and again #1. i don have a server. >project dead<

move ahead to not very long ago and i decided to create a Faction.... posting the topic in the Mich development forums i started pounding away models and then i run into my 1st snag...same as the ST core i wanted to make...I DONT USE MILKSHAPE! GAAAA! so many ideas and i lack the i got a demo of Milkshape thinkng i can teach myself like i did with wings....WRONG. its HELLA harder! the interface is totaly diffrent. sum up...the ArchAngels are DEAD until i can locate some one that can help me by taking my 80% complete models and completing them in milkshape and maby i can proceed...maby after they compete the Omicron Hive faction i can get some help...until then i have 9 folders full of models.....including some im making for FireFly (alliance and Reaver fleets) it bordom.

heh...... huh.gif