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Posted by madpeople, Apr 18 2011, 11:10 AM in madpeople's mods

Everyone knows the default keymap sucks

Here is mine: here (extract to your artwork directory to use this)

QUOTE (mappings as follows:)
W - forward thrust
A - left thrust
S - Back thrust
D - right thrust
R - up thrust
F - down thrust

Q - roll left
E - roll right

X - radar mode
C - target centre
T - target enemy
alt+T - target friendly

H - game screen (default g - moved because i kept hitting g acidentally)
J - ripcord

B - target enemy base
alt+B - target friendly base
N - target enemy bomber
alt+N - target friendly bomber
M - target enemy miner
alt+M - target friendly miner

P - autopilot
L - lock course
O - match speed

shift+S - select cargo
ctrl+S - dump cargo

backspace - thrust = 0%
tab - booster

` - quick chats

Z - target self
\ - target nothing

Notes, i never have my thrust set, i always fly on 0% thrust so i use backspace a lot if ap sets the thrust to something that isn't 0. i only ever use the WASDRF keys for moving, if i want to move forward, i use W not set my throttle to 100%. it gives you more control like this.

Tab can be used to keep boosting while using f5 / f6 with the mouse - usually I use middle mouse button for booster.

I use ` (button above tab) instead of ' for quick chats so i can type things like "i'm going there".

Rest default

Hacking an Accelero S1 Rev 2 onto a POWERCOLOR ATI 5770 (egg cooler)

Posted by madpeople, Jul 30 2010, 08:07 AM in hardware hacks

Today we're going to be hacking an Accelero S1 Rev 2 onto a POWERCOLOR ATI 5770 in the interests of making the computer run quieter.

First I removed the stock egg shaped cooler and cleaned up the GPU using isopropyl alcohol and a lint free cloth (coffee filter). We can see the clean processor chip below has a mirror finish:

Next I removed the plastic bits from the top and bottom of the Accelero S1 and held it above the 5770. Here we can see that the top most DVI port will interfere with the cooler:

To get around this I first sliced about 2/3 the way through the Accelero S1 using a carborundum cutting disk, using the holes in the cooling fins as a guide (you can see some un-cut holes on the right of the cooler).
I cut the Accelero S1's plastic packaging in half and sat the cooler in it while cutting, which held the cooler firm and also prevented dirt getting onto the base of the cooler which will contact the GPU.
Cutting through the fins takes quite a bit of time. Also the fins aren't actually attached to the heat-pipes, they can move about and being so thin are quite easily bent. I do wonder if soldering the fins to the heat-pipes will improve performance.

Next I flipped the cooler over, placed a plastic lid over the base plate and finished cutting through the fins.

I then bent the heat-pipe so as to raise the cut off section of fins as shown below. The heat-pipe is actually quite easy to bend once you start it bending.

The stock cooler was held on with an X shaped piece of metal on the back of the card. I removed the screws and springs from this piece of metal:

and replaced the screws with the ones which came with the Accelero S1, I also placed the little washers that came with the S1 between the screw heads and the X plate:

I installed the heat sinks that came with the Accelero S1 on the Ram chips, and the longer thin ones onto the VReg modules (you can see them below the cooler in the image below). I then installed the cooler. The cooler came with a thin even layer of thermal interface material already applied, but I had smudged it a bit when testing the position of the cooler on the GPU so I applied some I had bought separately. It was rather tricky to get the X-plate screwed in correctly. I found that using a screwdriver to lift up the plastic cover above the copper base plate made it easier to see what was going on and also forced the top of the cooler closer to the screws. I found I had to cut the corner off the plastic cover because it was pressing against the large component marked R23 to the top left of the GPU in the first picture of the card and was preventing the cooler from being mounted properly.

You need to have quite a tall case, the cooler only just fitted inside my Cooler Master CM 690:

The cooler also overflows into a 3rd card slot, luckily I only had a E-SATA connection in that slot, a card would not have fitted in.

The cooler does interfere with plugging the 6pin power connector into the 5770, but with a little bit of force it was made to mate.

While being a passive cooler, it was positioned directly under a 120mm case fan (although the fins were angled orthogonally to the airflow from the fan). You can see the cooler below the fan in the image below:

The card seemed to be working fine. I took a while to reach 70 deg C in furmark, and cooled down fairly quickly when rendering was stopped. However after playing 1 mission in alien swarm (loading the GPU to ~97%) the computer crashed. restarted, tried again and same thing (only this time while observing a game). So, a passive cooler of this size isn't enough for gaming even under a case fan.
Time to install the Turbo Module. Be warned, there are two little rubber rings on the bottom of the fans which are very easy to lose.

With part of the cooler raised, the two fans had to be placed closer together, this meant that the cable between them wasn't laying flat as it wasn't streight.

Cable ties fixed this:

When it was installed in the case I noticed that the fins were interfering with the card retention mechanism. To fix this I bent back the fin which was in the way to allow the card to fit in.

Here is the retention mechanism in the hole where the bent back fin was:

Here's the final result from a few angles:

Overall I think it worked out rather neat, or so I thought...

Unfortunately I don't know it the turbo module would have allowed me to fully load the card (which was overclocked by the way to 905MHz) as it appears I had killed the card with static while installeing the turbo module.

Next time I'll be hacking a new fan into my Zalman CNPS 9700 NT...

Alleg Stats Tool - EndGame: Statisfied

Posted by madpeople, Jun 10 2008, 12:32 PM in madpeople's mods

For a while there has been no use for the .xml files of end game player stats which allegiance can save.

This is a tool for reading those stat files, sorting them and then formatting the data as either BB code or a an image.

What you see when you run it:

Version 1.1

Install instructions:

Extract the .zip file to your Allegiance\AllegStats\ folder (you will need to make it)
(you can actually put it anywhere, but putting it there keeps things tidy)
Then make a shortcut to AllegXmlStats.jar somewhere convenient

It is written in java (you can get java here), i think you should just need to double click the AllegXmlStats.jar file once you've extracted it somewhere.
If this doesn't work, read the readme, i've included some alternative ways of launching it.

examples of it in use:

load dialogue:

after loading stats:

stats in the image tab:

save image dialogue:

Generated BB code copied and pasted here:
03/24/08 18:48:13 Planet2 dn_000460 el kamakazi has destroyed True Blue's Garrison (Str) in Sri Metsa.

el kamakazi Rixian
True Blue Iron Coalition

Name rank Assists B Caps B Kills Deaths Ejects Kills score timePlayed
ski2slow@GB 14 12 0 2 6 18 3 278.351 3:52
Gezzunder@SPQR 8 2 0 0 7 29 5 292.593 3:53
spaceman12 15 18 0 1 5 20 17 315.222 3:41
fufi 22 32 0 1 3 12 73 1679.66 3:53
Corvette 10 13 0 0 8 19 32 418.972 3:53
MoGas@RT 13 15 0 5 9 30 17 328.013 3:45
madpeople@GB 14 21 0 1 13 26 63 1241.15 3:39
Mordikai@GB 14 0 0 4 1 6 0 57.2035 1:19
Cerberal(4) 4 14 0 0 6 20 30 631.792 3:18
larn 6 8 0 0 3 15 6 250.45 3:10
Koczis@PK 14 17 0 2 6 26 47 1019.72 3:05
QuackDamnYou@ACE 13 14 0 1 5 14 30 698.545 2:49
BusyBee 14 1 0 0 2 10 29 303.075 2:29
Jyppa 15 5 0 4 1 11 3 264.749 2:31
spock08 11 4 0 0 1 16 4 147.194 2:26
Voob_of_Doom 11 3 0 1 6 11 5 76.7277 2:05
Hellchip 16 2 0 0 1 5 5 64.4193 1:17
Ion_Matrix@GB 14 7 0 0 2 9 25 594.148 3:49
CraftyCelt@XT 16 8 0 0 4 12 5 78.2458 1:23
Stingrae 13 0 0 0 2 15 5 46.7459 1:59
snooper 11 1 0 1 1 11 8 95.0456 1:16
hatkyinc 12 2 0 0 1 3 0 89.932 0:44
*The_Fuzz@SPQR 11 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.0 0:04
kramari@SPQR 10 7 0 0 3 9 3 48.0379 1:00
kalveth@SRM 14 10 0 0 6 16 3 69.9831 1:06
SheffWill@RT 20 11 0 0 5 9 23 296.443 1:08
Andarvi 11 14 0 0 2 11 21 218.404 1:27
Saikon@ACE 16 12 0 1 2 8 14 249.13 1:31
SiaoEhh 13 9 0 0 0 12 6 89.3859 1:40
DebDoot 9 0 0 0 0 1 2 36.4867 0:24
whitwizard 11 8 0 2 4 16 7 117.433 1:45
mardox 10 3 0 0 2 10 3 55.1601 1:32
Parrus@GB 14 9 0 0 1 15 13 299.114 2:16
CorpseVomit 12 0 0 0 1 2 1 10.0 0:36
boomancini@ACE 12 0 0 0 0 1 0 0.0 0:09
Drizzo@XT 15 1 0 0 1 4 19 196.72 0:48
MaxNg 14 12 0 1 4 15 21 319.75 2:50
+Clay_Pigeon@ACE 18 5 0 1 3 10 5 79.0219 1:44
Dangeruss@GB 13 8 0 2 3 18 5 277.627 2:08
AMS2311 5 4 0 0 0 6 1 31.7413 0:34
Tumbleweed 14 10 0 0 2 10 11 131.175 1:49
^jgbaxter@SRM 13 1 0 2 1 14 1 78.7066 2:17
Adaven@XT 21 6 0 3 8 22 40 450.651 2:51
FantomRocker@SPQR 11 1 0 1 3 12 8 116.822 2:03
electricwave(2) 2 4 0 0 4 30 2 46.1478 3:21
Idanmel@RT 15 0 0 0 0 5 4 46.8654 1:06
mhochler@BS 15 10 0 2 4 11 9 307.316 3:40
DarthJawa 16 7 0 1 3 17 18 272.919 3:41
dark_shot 10 6 0 0 1 10 7 100.098 1:45

image saved:

some more technical thoughts here.

comments welcome.

Development Status and a Tease

Posted by madpeople, May 3 2008, 10:58 AM in news

Right now i've got loads of work for uni and then exams, hopefully i should get some free time after the week after the 16th...

So until then i won't really be able to update the capcore to R8 unless i need a break from revision and fancy some tedious core editing instead.
There are some known bugs in R7 that i want to fix, but they aren't major so it's up to you whether you play it or wait til R8.
I could probably ask to have R7 put on the AU if you want to play it now instead of then. though whether people would prefer to wait for the more polished version...

anyhow, here's a tease of something else i'm going to be working on...

i've got a few ideas for what i could do with it... cool.gif

DN Cap Core

Posted by madpeople, Apr 5 2008, 07:55 AM in madpeople's mods

What is the DN cap core?

The Cap Core is a core designed to test a new version of SY. it is the same as DN 4.60 in all respects except those relating to SY.
It is not another core that will be maintained indefinitely, it is designed to be played to test this new SY structure to allow people to give feed back on whether it works, after which it will be left alone.

Why was it made?
It has long been complained about that capships are too powerful in small games, and too weak in large games.
It also often only gets used by a side which has already won.
The Cap Core was made to test a new style of SY, which hopefully should scale better with number of players, and be more usable so it gets used more often.
Once it has been played on a bit, people will be able to give feedback about how well it works / if it works better than the current SY.
If the feed back is good, then core devs of the normal cores are free to implement this SY structure in their own cores and balance it as they see fit

So what is different about this SY then?
Firstly the SY techtree has been split into 4 classes, light, medium, heavy and support.
Each class has ships which perform a specific function. The idea is that the SY classes compliment your existing tech path.
e.g. you need something good at killing small ships for defence, you could go light class. or you need a tough base killer you go heavy class.
Think of the SY classes like mini tech paths, each of the SY classes can be upgraded should you find your current version isn't strong enough.
Upgrading a class upgrades the ship's in that class, but it also upgrades their weapons.
Techtree visualization.
A more complete list of changes / description of it can be found in this thread.
THIS IS NOT A CORE ALL ABOUT JUST PLAYING WITH CAPSHIPS! - quite the opposite, they are designed to compliment your existing tech path, i'm not sure how well going pure SY will work... it will be rather expensive, but might be possible as a strategy.

What kind of feed back are you looking for?
Basically whether as a style of SY it works well / scales with player count etc. that is what i am mainly looking for.

Normal cores want feed back like "weapon X is too powerful" etc, this isn't really what we are looking for with this core, it's not intended to be balanced perfectly, but it is intended to be balanced enough to be playable so that people can play it and give the feed back i am looking for. so, if there is something that is far too cheesy, then do say so i can tweak it, but do keep in mind that we are looking to judge the core on how well it works as a structure for SY - instead of thinking "that ship is too powerful, the core isn't balanced" think "if that ship wasn't so cheesy would this work well and scale well?".

Naturally, if you spot any obvious bugs (things mounting things they shouldn't / a faction's ship having vastly different stats to all the others) then do say, so i can fix it.

When can i play this?
Whenever one or more of the server owners put the core on their server.
It is now on the GPZ servers
If any other server owners want to put this core on your servers feel free to do so, it would be much appreciated

you will probably need to download the core
version :6 download (extract to your allegiance\artwork folder)
version 6 mirror: link
version: 7 download
version: 8 download
Version: 8 download - no pheonix

unless it gets placed on the AU

Should I [you] organise tests and specifically play it to test SY?
If you really want to you can.
Remember that this core is the same as DN 4.60 if you don't use SY, so in some ways what would be more useful is if people just play this core normally, and if they decide to get a SY post what happens / if it works well. you don't need to have repeated matches SY vs SY to test this core, just play normally, and if one side happens to get a SY see how it goes, if both sides get a sy.. see how it goes smile.gif

key: bug, Balance issue
Known issues

  • i can't fly lt class very well (too heavy?/not enough torque what do you think?)

Beta switcher

Posted by madpeople, Mar 5 2008, 12:49 PM

A tool for installing the FAZ beta version of allegiance - 32 bit
mirror: -32 bit - for windows 7 64 bit (32 bit emulation)

run the above .exe, say yes to the dialogue boxes
start asgs
switch to beta mode (click allegiance -> beta mode)
update files (click help -> update repair critical files)

this adds the correct reg keys, and also copies over your current fullscreen resolution.

i could have got it to copy things like max texture size, but that is easy enough to change in game. where as wide screen resolutions aren't

source code: - 32 bit
mirror: -32 bit - win 7 64 bit (32 bit emulation)

for more information on the current BETA (R5) see:

Font mods

Posted by madpeople, Jul 16 2007, 10:28 AM in madpeople's mods

New mod for people using higher res, i've increased the size of all the fonts by 2pts to make it slightly easier to read
Download note this is only for preview purposes right now and is not finished

installation: extract to art folder
un-installation: copy the version in the \originalfont folder into the art folder, say yes to overwriting

known issues:
you can't see the the last number of a teams ELO when it is over 100... i'm looking into it...
some cargo items get cut off.

i suppose i should mark this as a work in progress for now...

Button mods

Posted by madpeople, Apr 11 2007, 03:46 PM in madpeople's mods

QUOTE(Boot button)
this was done as a special request from someone who will remain anonymous

click an image to download
Original: V1: V2: V3:
Button states:
Mouse Over

Installation: extract to your allegiance\artwork folder
Un-installation: extract the original to your allegiance\artwork folder

QUOTE(Stop Donating button)
request boot was done as a special request from KofiMan,

click an image to download
Original: V1: V2: V3: V4:
Button states:
Mouse Over

Installation: extract to your allegiance\artwork folder
Un-installation: extract the original to your allegiance\artwork folder

mpAL - hotkey mod v2

Posted by madpeople, Mar 27 2007, 08:58 AM in madpeople's mods

mpAL is the re-release of my popular hotkeys mod.

mpAL features a nice installer so can be installed in less than 10 seconds (99% less copy+pasting than the hotkeys mod! mrgreen.gif)
included with the installer are two other scripts:

  • mpAL component selector - to select which optional components should be included in the script
  • mpAL configurator - a nice GUI to select which user options you want the script to use
it also brings several new features to the hotkey script its self including colour keys, media player control and auto fraps management (will be explained later)

  • Zoom on mouse wheel
  • Chat scrolling on mouse wheel
  • Pasting text into allegiance chat
  • Use custom quick chats - enter long lines of text into the chat with a simple key combo
  • Change text colour in allegiance with simple key combos
  • Mute speakers when you press Mouse 3 (designed for people who use Mouse 3 as Teamspeak's push to talk button) - remove background noise
  • Automatically start TS / TSO when you login to allegiance
  • Automatically login ASGS when ASGS starts
  • Kill allegiance.exe if it has crashed by pressing ctrl+shift+esc
  • Media player control, Play, Pause, Stop and skip back+forward tracks without minimising allegiance
  • If the script is set to start TSO, it checks first to see if fraps is running and closes it if necessary (to prevent them conflicting), when ASGS closes the script re-starts fraps if it closed it
  • Disable windows keys - ever accidentally pressed a windows key while flying and had allegiance disappear? the script can now disable the windows keys so you can press them and have nothing happen
  1. install autohotkey
  2. download and run the mpAL installer (right click + save as, then run it, opening it in your browser shows you the source code)
if you have Fraps installed here is an additional step: - create a shortcut to Fraps in the \mpAL directory called Fraps.lnk
  1. navigate to your Program Files\Fraps directory or wherever you installed fraps
  2. then in a different window navigate to your Program Files\Allegiance\mpAL directory
  3. right click on fraps.exe and hold down the right mouse button and drag it into the mpAL directory and release the right mouse button, select "create shortcuts here"
and that's everything installed smile.gif

Just double click the "Allegiance" link on your desktop to play alleg with the script running.

  • shift+mouse 4 - toggle flight / turret mode
  • mouse wheel - flight mode when flying - zoom
  • shift+mouse wheel - flight mode when flying - throttle
  • shift+mouse wheel - flight mode when turreting - zoom
  • mouse wheel - turret mode when turreting - zoom
  • mouse 3 - mute speakers while held down - handy if TS push to talk button is mouse 3 to cut background noise
  • ctrl+wheel - change zoom sensitivity
  • mouse 4 + wheel - scroll ingame chat
  • mouse 4 + v - paste contents of clipboard into ingame chat
  • mouse 4 + <custom hotkey> - quick text chat
  • ctrl+shift+escape - kills allegiance and asgs
  • mouse 4 + [r,o,y,g,b,i,w] - changes your chat colour in allegiance to [red,orange,yellow,green,blue,violate,white]
  • numpad 7 - previous track, numpad 9 - next track, numpad 8 play/pause, numpad 5 stop
To edit the quicktext chats edit QT.txt (you will figure out how it works, you can add more too)

Changing features and settings once installed

mpAL Configurator
This tool lets you select what start up options the script uses
  • Use Team Speak - checking this box makes the script start TS when it is run
  • Exit Team Speak when ASGS closes - checking this box lets the script close TS when ASGS closes, if you want TS to remain open after ASGS closes, un-check this box. this option gets overridden by "Use Team Speak" being un-checked - if the script doesn't launch TS, it won't try to close it
  • Use Team Speak Overlay - same as "Use Team Speak" except its for TSO
  • Exit Team Speak Overlay when ASGS closes - same as the exit TS option but for TSO, gets overridden if use TSO is un-checked
  • Auto Login ASGS - if checked, when ASGS starts it will log you in automatically
  • Exit Script when ASGS closes - if you un-check this, the script remains running when asgs closes, this means if you manually start allegiance the hotkeys will still function, and you can re-start allegiance by right clicking on the icon and selecting restart script. disabling this option is of limited use to most people, but its there if you want it
to run this tool, run mpALconfig.ahk in your \mpAL directory

mpAL Component Selector
This tool lets you add+remove different components of the script - if you don't want a feature included, un-check its box
to run this run allegkeysbuilder.ahk in your \mpAL directory

As time passes and i get new ideas for the script, more features will find their way into the script. if you want these new features you will have to update the script...
...but how i hear you ask?
Simple! just re-download the the mpAL installer (right click + save as) and run it

How will you know there has been an update?
When i update any of my mods i put a extra line in my sig starting with "Update:" or "News:" which stays on display for 1 week. Just keep an eye on my sig, or even better, keep visiting this blog and look at the mod index for anything with * * ether side of it to indicate it has been updated recently.

Coming soon:
  • Quicktext chat editor program
if for some reason you would want to remove this,
  1. Right click on the "Allegiance" shortcut on your desktop, change its target to ASGSClient.exe in your \Allegiance\ folder. (replace "mpAL\mpAL.ahk" with "ASGSClient.exe" at the end)
  2. In the "Start in" box, remove "\mpAL"
  3. Navigate to your \Allegiance\ folder, delete the mpAL folder.
  4. Everything is now un-installed.
installer, utility scripts: madpeople
hotkeys mod see here

for more info see the original hotkeys mod

Allegiance Duplicate Sound Remover tool

Posted by madpeople, Mar 11 2007, 05:12 PM in madpeople's mods

i know many of you will have 2 versions of each sound in your artwork directory, one in .wav, the other in .ogg

allegiance can now play .ogg natively, so they aren't needed, but they are still in your artwork directory

this little tool looks in your art directory, if it sees that both <filename>.wav and <filename>.ogg exist, it moves <filename.wav> to /artwork/Removed

you can then do what you want with the .wav files in /Removed

if there exists a file with the same name in /Removed as the one it tries to move it will not overwrite that file and will leave the .wav where it is

other notes,
it knows where the artwork directory is from the ArtPath regkey, if this isn't present (perhaps because you don't have allegiance installed, the script will get confused)
if the folder /Removed doesn't exist, it creates it, if it does, it uses it
depending on the speed of your system it may take a few mins to run (on mine it took 30 sec perhaps, it moved 1067 files - 123MB of wavs, leaving about 20MB of ogg)


should i use this:

if you have a fast processor, you should because it will speed up loading as your processor can convert the .ogg to .wav faster than it can read a .wav
if you have an old / slow processor you may be better off with the .wavs

you can use it anyway, if allegiance is faster (say you usually cant join a game first time, but after running this you can) then keep it as it is, if allegiance is slower, you can copy the .wav s from the /removed directory to the artwork directory to revert

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