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TFF League Game 2

Posted by Raveen, Aug 8 2011, 05:35 AM in Blood Bowl

Cheats Never Win - Hammer House Horrors
Goblins - Necro
1 - 2

The Gobbos chose to receive in the first half and proceeded to make a right mess of my team. A chainsawed wight, a knocked out werewolf and the other wight who tripped and fell badly hurting himself. The ball was caged up and I had to block through to it with almost no block and certainly no tackle. Things started to go right when the looney died to a golem. The ball got bounced out when a troll fell on it and my ghoul ran it home for a TD. Luckily the KOs came back bringing me back to fullish strength.

The second half started...

TFF League Game 1

Posted by Raveen, Aug 1 2011, 06:22 AM in Blood Bowl

Evil Norsca 2011 - Hammer House Horrors
Norse - Necromantic

In my first game of the league I was taking my rookie necros up against rookie norse. Norse is an interesting team to come up against, a new addition since I player tabletop (one of many I should add). They have a lot of the block skill which means that they should win the hitting war but they have low armour so when they go down they should stay down.

I chose to receive in the first half with a view to winning the injury battle and taking the ball off him in the second. A terrible start saw me turnover on the first action of...


Posted by Raveen, Jul 28 2011, 03:20 AM in Blood Bowl

Having signed up for the TFF league I opted to play a Necromantic team because Iíve been playing them a bit and they seem to suit my style. Itís not a massively strong team but has some tough players and some fast players. They start off a bit low on general skills like Block, Dodge and Sure Hands though so my first few skill ups are going to be dedicated to filling those gaps.

Looking at the other teams in the league I think I stand a good chance. Thereís an odd mix of good and not so good teams but nothing thatís really broken. Iím facing: two Norse teams (theyíll win the blocking battle...

Introducing Raveenís Blood Bowl Match Reports.

Posted by Raveen, Jul 27 2011, 04:47 AM in Blood Bowl

Ok, Iím about to launch into posting a series of match reports for my Blood Bowl League (the Talk Fantasy Football League for anyone taking notes). It strikes me that some sort of introduction to the game might just be in order. Iím sure that better people than me have done far better jobs of summarising BB so if none of this makes sense you know where google is.

Broad Strokes

Imagine American Football crossed with Rugby crossed with Warhammer. Thatís essentially it. The aim of the game is to get the ball into the opposing endzone to score a touchdown and score more touchdowns than the...

HTPC II part 2

Posted by Raveen, Jan 24 2011, 04:34 PM in Everything Else

Two blog updates in one day!

Well I promised a bit of a commentary on building my new HTPC and I finally got the photos uploaded so here we go.

Unboxing all the lovely bits and pieces. I find this to be the most exciting part full of potential with no frustration yet smile.gif

A tidy workspace. It doesn't last (neither does the tea).

Start with the mobo being careful not to destroy it.

CPU! It's an Athlon II x4 chip. Cheap quad for video encoding and it makes a hell of a lot of difference to...

A Christmas Carol

Posted by Raveen, Jan 24 2011, 06:22 AM in Doctor Who Reviews

Ahh, January, what a perfect time to review a Christmas specialÖ

Well I started so I may as well make some effort towards finishing.

So the Christmas special has become a fixture of the Doctor Who schedule over the last five years. And for the first time I got to actually watch it on broadcast thanks to a judicious decision to stay the hell at home this year. Enough of me though, onto the episode.

So itís called A Christmas Carol. That might well be a giveaway as to the basic shape of the plot. However itís a lot more clever than youíd initially think. The setup is admirably simple...

HTPC II Part 1

Posted by Raveen, Nov 24 2010, 10:49 AM in Everything Else

Back in 2008 I built a basic HTPC out of an old Dell. You can read all about my exciting adventures in S-VHS land here.

Since then not much has changed in the machine itself. I've added a couple of Black Gold TV cards (and very nice they are too) and a MS MCE keyboard to compliment the MCE remote (and say what you like about MS, they can make splendid peripherals). I've also got an HDTV, although it wasn't the best buy in the world for my purposes as it has massive input lag and doesn't cope well with a 1080p input.

Still, it's time to upgrade to a new HTPC and this...

RT win the tournament!

Posted by Raveen, Nov 15 2010, 08:10 AM in Allegiance

Many moons ago I wrote a blog post about RTs first victories against PK and SysX. You can read all about that here.

Obviously I'm going to talk about RTs unprecedented success since then, last night in particular.

I'm not a first generation RT, although there are a couple of those still about, but I've been in the squad for a hell of a long time now. I'm also SL for what that's worth. Back when I wrote that first post we were just starting to challenge the middle to top tier of squads. That was in 2007 and RT had been going to 3 years or so at that time. Since then...

The Sarah Jane Adventures - Death of the Doctor

Posted by Raveen, Oct 29 2010, 05:10 AM in Doctor Who Reviews

A bit of a one off review this, after that youíll have til Christmas wink.gif

So I was reviewing Doctor Who this year not the SJAa but Matt Smith turning up rather pushes me into writing again so here we go.

As ever there are spoilers.

First off a recap of the SJAs. After the events of School Reunion and the ďsuccessĒ of Torchwood as a spin off show the BBCs childrens channel/department wanted in on the action. When Young Doctor Who got nixed (yes really, they wanted a teenaged Hartnell getting into scrapes on...

A Study in Pink

Posted by Raveen, Jul 27 2010, 05:05 AM in Everything Else

Whatís this? Not Doctor Who or any other crappy old BBC Sci Fi show? Stone the bloominí crows!

Ah but thereís a link. Thereís always a link. You see the new BBC drama, Sherlock, has been created by woolly headed Scottish pixie Steven Moffat and Edwardian inventor Mark Gatiss. Both Doctor Who writers from this last year.

If you havenít seen Sherlock (well the first episode at least) I strongly suggest you go and take a look. Itís really very good. Very very good.

With that sorted Iíll continue. Sherlock is a 2010 reboot of Arthur Conan Doyleís Sherlock Holmes stories (duh). Thereís some...

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