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I hate myself

Posted by pkk, Sep 12 2011, 04:55 PM in Allegiance

During the past weekend I reinstalled Mach3 at least 5 times... You may ask why:

Day 1
I've installed Allegiance server on the machine, everything works fine. Before the installation I disabled IPv6.

Day 2
I've installed the VMWare Server on the machine, to host a VM for FAZBeta. I disable IPv6 on all virtual network adapters.

Day 3
I finished setting up the virtual machine, beta lobby and game server work fine.

Day 4
I notice that Service Pack 1 isn't installed on Mach3. I tried to install it manually, but failed again. bang.gif

Day 5
I find the the System Update Readiness Tool, a 315 MB download, which analyses the Windows Update process. The result was that two hotfixes weren't installed correctly. I've spend some hours reading on the web. There were some solutions, to replace the broken catalogs.

Day 6
Once again I try to repair the broken catalog files...

Day 7
I gave up. I stopped the virtual machine, uploaded these 20 GB to Mach2 and pressed the "reinstall button".

Day 8
After installing all needed files and updating to SP1, I skipped installing Allegiance and moved on with VMWare Server. The virtual machine works fine, so I moved on with Allegiance. Of course I disabled IPv6 directly after logging on first time as administrator. The Allegiance server started and I fired up Allegiance to test it. I was unable to connect to it. I though I have problems with the firewall.

Day 9
I gave up dealing with the firewall and pressed the reinstall button again. Just to notice a few hours later, that I have the same problem again... bang.gif
I played a bit around and checked ports with netstat. Suddenly I notice some IPv6 addresses, and Allegiance server was listening on them. whistle.gif
So I disabled IPv6 on the virtual network adapters, restarted and what do you think what happend?! tongue.gif

Life could be so easy... wub.gif


  GoodWill, Nov 5 2011, 08:06 AM

Are you a rocket-scientist?

  pkk, Nov 9 2011, 09:48 AM

laugh.gif Hell no!

  lexaal, Nov 27 2011, 03:39 PM

format c:

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