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I hate myself

Posted by pkk, Sep 12 2011, 04:55 PM in Allegiance

During the past weekend I reinstalled Mach3 at least 5 times... You may ask why:

Day 1
I've installed Allegiance server on the machine, everything works fine. Before the installation I disabled IPv6.

Day 2
I've installed the VMWare Server on the machine, to host a VM for FAZBeta. I disable IPv6 on all virtual network adapters.

Day 3
I finished setting up the virtual machine, beta lobby and game server work fine.

Day 4
I notice that Service Pack 1 isn't installed on Mach3. I tried to install it manually, but failed again. bang.gif

Day 5
I find the the System Update Readiness Tool, a 315 MB download, which analyses the Windows Update process. The result was that two hotfixes weren't installed correctly. I've spend some hours reading on the web. There were some solutions, to replace the broken catalogs.

Day 6
Once again I try to repair the broken catalog files...

Day 7
I gave up. I stopped the virtual machine, uploaded these 20 GB to Mach2 and pressed the "reinstall button".

Day 8
After installing all needed files and updating to SP1, I skipped installing Allegiance and moved on with VMWare Server. The virtual machine works fine, so I moved on with Allegiance. Of course I disabled IPv6 directly after logging on first time as administrator. The Allegiance server started and I fired up Allegiance to test it. I was unable to connect to it. I though I have problems with the firewall.

Day 9
I gave up dealing with the firewall and pressed the reinstall button again. Just to notice a few hours later, that I have the same problem again... bang.gif
I played a bit around and checked ports with netstat. Suddenly I notice some IPv6 addresses, and Allegiance server was listening on them. whistle.gif
So I disabled IPv6 on the virtual network adapters, restarted and what do you think what happend?! tongue.gif

Life could be so easy... wub.gif

...and Mach2 goes online.

Posted by pkk, Feb 25 2011, 03:50 PM in Allegiance

After almost nine days, trying to fix a strange error within TAG, Mach2 goes online.

Hopefully there are no lag-spikes like on DocMach. tongue.gif

Now everyone can enjoy playing on a European server, again. cool.gif

DocMach is going down...

Posted by pkk, Feb 16 2011, 12:51 PM in Allegiance

After not even two months, DocMach will go down again (March 1st). Seems like the hosting on a large VM environment was a fail...

People complained about lag spikes, but there weren't issues with traffic, the whole VM freezed for a few seconds, even noticeable via remote desktop, while ping reply didn't show any problems at all.

I've talked with the provider and they said it's "normal". That was the reason for me to cancel the contract. Overall I never had problems with the provider (hosting websites) for years.

A few weeks ago I looked around for a replacement. I've found a nice offer of 1and1 for only 49.99 Euro for a dedicated machine. To bad that offer was replaced with a VM container for the same price. tongue.gif

The new one will be also hosted in a German datacenter and this time it's no VM. Even the price is okay, even cheaper than GPZ. wink.gif

Within the next few days the server should get online and I can test live, if AllSrv is compatible with Windows 2008 Server (x64)... whistle.gif

Before I forget, I wanna thank all people, which supported GPZ and DocMach with some donations. Paying about 40-60 Euro per month for a server, which is used primary to host Allegiance games (secondary for some private Allegiance development like the installer), is a costly hobby.

How to find out someones hider nick

Posted by pkk, Aug 21 2010, 11:29 AM in Allegiance

People talking about privacy and hiders and other stuff. But it's to easy to find out someones hider nick. Here is a simple howto.

There is no way to hide, if you follow the following steps.

  1. Open leaderboard ( in a bowser, don't close it or refresh it, see below.
  2. Wait until the hider, you wanna find out, finished a game.
  3. Take a look at the in-game stats and remember the following things of the hider:
  4. Rank (easiest way to reduce players)
  5. Kills
  6. Ejects
  7. Base kills (even better, because less people have them in a game)
  8. Station captured (even more better than base kills)
  9. Wait a few minutes, until leaderboard got updated (5-10 minutes after the game finished).
  10. Now open the leaderboard in a different tab/window.
  11. Compare changes between old and updated leaderboard.
  12. Bingo

If you put leaderboards into MS Excel/OO Calc, you can also use functions which make it even easier.

If someone has a hider on leaderboard he doesn't use, wait until Sunday for squadgames (people play them mostly without hiders) and compare results.

Now with images. wink.gif

Ingame stats:

Leaderboard changes (animated, switching between a version before and after game):

HighRes Smoke

Posted by pkk, Apr 18 2010, 12:20 PM in Allegiance

This image shows the difference between old texture (lower right corner) and the new one:

Download: (48 KB)

Just extract the archive into you texture directory (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Allegiance\artwork\textures).

FreeAllegiance and totalitarian regimes

Posted by pkk, Mar 11 2010, 01:06 PM in Allegiance

I were bored today and reading some stuff on Wikipedia. So I found the following break.

Totalitarian regimes or movements maintain themselves in political power by means of an official all-embracing ideology and propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, a single party that controls the state, personality cults, control over the economy, regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism, the use of mass surveillance, and widespread use of state terrorism.

Let's check these statements:

  • all-embracing ideology
    More or less true: Holding all keys (FAO forums, ASGS, lobby and autoupdate server) without giving someone else access.
  • propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media
    True: There is only one medium -
  • a single party that controls the state
    True: There is only one head administrator and he nominates/appoints his Zone Leaders.
  • personality cults
    True: Head admins always have their own personal cult.
  • control over the economy
    True: Game-servers need to be add to a white-list.
  • regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism
    True: There is enough censorship within forums.
  • the use of mass surveillance
    Not used, but possible: TAG most in-game chats.
  • widespread use of state terrorism
    More or less true: Winning games by banning the other team happens sometimes.

So FAO fully meet demands of totalitarian regime... rofl.gif

How FAO really works

Posted by pkk, Oct 18 2009, 03:55 PM in Allegiance

The nobodies let you play and are like every other community member...

Original post:

Autoupdate problems

Posted by pkk, Sep 7 2009, 12:18 PM in Allegiance

During the recent months, we had a couple of problems, getting new files on AU.

Nobody really noticed it, until there was a broken file pushed via AU, the IC Garrison (without any working launch and docking bays) on May 19th. The file was fixed in a couple of hours (minutes). Server administrators fixed that problem server side, so players and drones were able to dock (without autopilot) on the IC Garrison again. Players needed to download the fixed version themselves, if they wanted to use the autopilot again, most of them didn't. Finally, on July 1st, the fixed version was on AU.

Another example, CC_06:
It was ready for AU since August 11th, but was pushed on September 3rd.

Or FAZ R5:
Imago said he's finished with R5 development, there is no more testing. I haven't noticed any new development/testing since August 19th. What are we waiting for? It will fix lots of problems, like the incompatibility of many new drivers.

There is nothing more important for this community, than having an active administration. One head administrator is not enough...

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AllegSkill is broken

Posted by pkk, Mar 5 2009, 11:22 AM in Allegiance

I'm ranked 3rd in AllegSkill... It's broken like ELO and HELO.

Check out the leaderboard:

I tried to reduce my rank, by loosing game after game, but I ended up after loosing 5+ games in a row with only a loss of about 0.05 mu.

This high rank of 22, 3rd highest rank (I was ranked 17-18 on HELO, 30-25th highest rank), makes me unable to command games during euro times. And if I play as a pilot, the enemy team always gets stacked. Hey, AllegSkill team rank says it's even.

It's no real fun to play ATM, at least I can enjoy the squadgames, somehow...

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