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Polishing GlassHUD and moving towards CortUI 1.80

Posted by Cort, Feb 5 2011, 03:21 PM in CortUI

Hello everyone,

Bunnywabbit and me are pretty much moving into the polishing phase with GlassHUD now. There are quite a number of minor things left to fix and I decided to try an approach that has become fairly common in the open source space (see Mozilla and LibreOffice for example) and mark some bugs with the keyword 'goodfirstbug'. These are ideal for someone who's interested in learning MDL and/or supporting GlassHUD/CortUI.
Of course, if you want a real challenge, you can also grab a bug that does not have this keyword. You should probably get in contact with Bunny or me then regarding design issues.

Everything that is in the state 'new' or 'assigned' (but not 'accepted') is generally free to work on. You should 'accept' a ticket before starting work on it though, to avoid others working on the same issue simultaneously.

List of all open Good First Bugs.
List of all 1.80 tickets.

The main way to get your change in, is to attach a patch file to the corresponding bug. We'll gladly help you create these if you've never done it before. If really necessary, you can also just attach the modified file, but integrating those can in the worst case make us more work than you could've saved us.

The latest installer build can be found on the CortUI website:
The Modulus package has not yet been updated to include GlassHUD.

Looking forward to your contributions!

PS: I started writing a guide and a list of first steps if you want to help out with CortUI: Feedback welcome, please tell me what you find hard to understand so I can improve it.

CortUI 1.77

Posted by Cort, Mar 25 2010, 03:59 PM in CortUI

I have just released a CortUI 1.77 installer.

There hasn't been as much testing as usual this time, but considering that it's a very small maintenance release, I hope there are no new issues. It primarily fixes a few problems with ParciHUD, lessHUD and JelloShot in R5. I would like to add that they have been contributed months ago and it is entirely my fault that the new release comes so late.

For the changes I'll just point you to Milestone 1.77 this time, but it's really not that much of an interesting read. Just some fixes, hardly anything new.

Contributions mostly by Parci and Bunnywabbit this time.

Download and more information at as usual.

CortUI 1.76

Posted by Cort, Mar 17 2009, 01:53 PM in CortUI

I'm announcing with pleasure that the maintenance/bugfix release CortUI 1.76 is ready -- three days before the scheduled release date.

The biggest change was probably that the installer has been heavily refactored and deployment simplified. That should make future releases easier indirectly. Additionally, problems with the cloak status indicator on the map and with lessHUD and ParciHUD have been fixed.

The full list of tickets gone into this release:

  • #1: Create a CortUI Trac
  • #2: Cloak status indicator does not appear on the in-flight map
  • #4: Vertical 'pillars' appearing out of the stat bars of ParciHUD
  • #5: Create separate speed and signature indicators for ParciHUD
  • #6: Hull and shield gauges of lessHUD stay black
  • #10: Add logo and favicon to the installer
  • #11: Build installer with the latest NSIS and update uninstallation files
  • #12: Investigate disappearance of the mission briefing modification
Or go directly to the milestone 1.76.

#7: 'Assumed incompatibility between CortUI and the R4 DX9 client' has been postponed as there has been no considerable interest and the problems could not be reproduced in a way that could have led to a fix. See the ticket for more details.

Special thanks of this release go to Myotis for the first patch submission not coming from a HUD developer (he fixed #6). wub.gif I'm sorry that it took so long until your fix was released. Will be faster next time, promised!

Download and more information at as before.

-- Cort

PS: Note that the hangar screen modification is no longer selected by default -- although still recommended when playing on 800x600!

CortUI site released

Posted by Cort, Mar 6 2009, 03:51 PM in CortUI

I've already hinted at it in my last release post -- CortUI finally has a proper site. (One and half years isn't so bad for a Two Weeks announcement, is it? mrgreen.gif)


No, don't party just now, there's no new release yet.

I'll skip explaining what it is for and how to use it, because the starting page mentions all that anyway. I'll just close with a request to those who have been reporting CortUI bugs in the past: please go into the issue tracker (e.g. via this report) and make sure there's a ticket for your bug. I've tried to add everything I could find, but it was kinda hard to understand for me at times what you reported there after such a long time.

You're very welcome to create new tickets, but please read the start page and the article linked there.

-- Cort

CortUI 1.75

Posted by Cort, Nov 23 2007, 05:21 PM in CortUI

This is the release of CortUI 1.75.

As usual I'm asking you to read the Release Notes, knowing that nobody will. smile.gif But you should... (I guess I should hide some hints to easter eggs there. wink.gif)

It's probably a good idea to run the installer of an older release before installing this one. If not, you might end up with files left over from previous versions. You probably should not select Slipstream GUI during uninstallation. If you're not planning to keep Slipstream GUI, but still have it from pre-R4 times, it might be a good idea to back up your artwork directory and reinstall Allegiance before installing CortUI 1.75. (If you insist to keep Slipstream GUI *and* want to use CortUI, I'm not supporting that configuration.)

The big changes are these:

  • Supports all R4 features. (And 'fixes' some that I thought could have been done better, for example there are no more overlapping text lines now.)
  • Includes lessHUD and JelloShot (i.e. CortUI 1.71 RC1, as released by FlingPu).
  • Slipstream GUI is no longer supported and no longer included in the installer. (Read up on the reasons here.)
  • JelloShot has issues with transparency. I'll look into it.
  • Improved displays of who your pilot is when in a turret.

The rest you can find in the Release Notes. What I'm most proud of is that CortUI 1.75 comes without any BMP.MDLs. It's all PNG now, and they aren't littering your artwork directory, but are stored in mods/CortUI/media/, so it's using all the cool new features.

I'll be gone over the weekend, so I really hope there are no major issues. I tested (with help) as much as I could, but there's always a configuration/situation you don't think about. As usual, I recommend doing a backup of your artwork directory – just in case.


Download: CortUI 1.75 installer [Release Notes]
(Access to the source code repository on request.)

I'm planning to set up a site for CortUI that also includes screenshots and stuff, but you know how it works around here... Two Weeks™.


This release is dedicated to Denga. Get well soon, brother! smile.gif

Special thanks for this revision go to Grzegt, Wyld, badp, Wurf, Andon, Baker, Squire and Bard for helping me test in various ways. It's always a big help, and if it's just holding a server open so I can run many tests in a short time.

I know I've been saying it about every release, but I just can't emphasise on this enough: There's no way CortUI would have been possible without Ksero's docs. I'm still using them as much as I did in the beginning. There's no single CortUI development session I don't open them at one point.

-- Cort

CortUI 1.70 SE

Posted by Cort, Sep 17 2006, 08:17 AM in CortUI

Prologue: Duh, this entry wasn't supposed to stay a draft for so long. I kinda forgot about it in the last weeks. :( Sorry.

In case anybody else is annoyed by the team rank sum display extending out of the team name box, here is a mini-update to fix that:

IPB Image


CortUI 1.70 Special Edition download
Whether this will make it into any further releases depends on what the FAZ team is going to do with the rank sums.

Release: CortUI 1.70 final

Posted by Cort, Aug 10 2006, 05:52 AM in CortUI

CortUI 1.70 is the new official version, I recommend everyone to update.

Except for version number and updated release notes, the final is identical to the last release candidate, so you don't have to update if you've been testing that.

As usual, please read the release notes before contacting me to ask for support, report bugs or suggest features.


CortUI 1.70 final Release Notes
CortUI 1.70 final Download

The reason why I didn't release last weekend as promised is that I've been trying to track down a bug that turned out to be unrelated to CortUI in the end.

PS: I'll be more or less offline for another week, see ya!

CortUI 1.70 Release Candidate 5

Posted by Cort, Jul 31 2006, 01:22 PM in CortUI

One step closer to the 1.70 final...

Coming from the RC4, this release adds a new software HUD mode by Parcival (screenshot). It also adds a new small feature: the 'default loadout' button on the loadout screen in base has been moved down a bit, to avoid clicking it by accident.

If you are going to test it, please leave a comment here, stating which settings you used (lobby mod? hangar mod? Slipstream GUI? Which software HUD?) and whether you encountered any new problems. As usual, please read the Release Notes to make sure you don't complain about a feature or report an already known bug.

If there are no problems, I'll release this RC as final at the next weekend. I will *not* post about it in the forums, I'll wait for the old introduction thread to be restored. But of course I'll announce the final here.

There are no more changes in my pipeline right now. The only thing that might happen is the integration of Aerodyne GUI in the installer. Other than that, expect no further releases after 1.70 final in the short future.


CortUI 1.70 RC5 Release Notes
CortUI 1.70 RC5 Download

Now why did this take so long? Well, I started integrating Parci's HUD a couple of months ago. It crashed (nothing spectacular here) and I tracked down the crash to one line an ImportImage() on an MDL file that Parci sent me. I checked the file name over and over, making sure it's there. I opened it with MDLfx, worked fine. I eventually gave up and then RL prevented me from going back to it for some months.

Yesterday, I looked into it again. I compiled the Allegiance client and ran it in debug mode. Well, it was the image file itself. MDLfx could open it just fine, but Allegiance did not. Opening it in MDLfx and just saving it again fixed it. (And changed the size by some bytes.)

I completely lost track what was going on here. Maybe I just renamed the files, which is well-known not to be possible (because the filename is stored inside the file). So it was probably just my own stupidity that caused this. smile.gif

Conclusion and today's lesson: If you add a new binary MDL and it crashes your modification, don't rely on MDLfx to tell you it's broken.