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Towel Day!

Posted by Cort, May 25 2007, 07:10 AM in Misc

This was my first Towel Day as a participant. smile.gif I had been aware of the tradition for two or three years now, but I had never noticed when the time came around.

With my university being just a few meters from the Lake Constance and temperatures of about 30C, I actually got way less weird looks than one might expect. This bunch of illiterate strags mostly didn't know about it and why towels are so useful for hitchhikers and laughed about it. mad.gif

In the discussions with the few people I've talked to about it, I definitely didn't show enough self-confidence about my towel and the appreciation and mourning of an ingenious author. Hopefully, I will be able to change that next year, which unfortunately is a Sunday.

MeAndMyTowel are now going to play some, trying to spread the word in the Allegiance community.

*bows in humble adoration before DNA*

So, have you brought your towel today? Confess!

-- Cort

PS: No, this blog isn't abandoned. But I'm still freakin' busy, so don't expect much activity here for another 2-3 months. sad.gif

Skedjool back online

Posted by Cort, Aug 2 2006, 10:53 AM in Misc

Skedjool is back online with all known functionality. That means, the issue with sending e-mails has been fixed and a normal registration is possible again. There is still a minor issue with the "Get Help" form, but that's all mentioned in the announcement on the starting page.


EDIT 2006#08#08:
Two bugs have been (hopefully) fixed. The 'Get Help' form no longer defaults to the input of the last user. And a registration with an empty password is catched and reported now. Thanks to Avalanche for reporting that!

EDIT 2006#08#19:
Scheduling events with "required people" should work now. Thanks to badpazzword for reporting it.