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Posted by Cort, Jul 11 2006, 09:52 AM in Meta

Same as in the last couple of weeks, I'll be busy with my studies for one more week. Then I'll go for a short trip home to visit family and old friends. When I'm back, here's there plan:

First of all, I'm going to wrap up some stuff concerning RTBot. I finally need to get Ruby on Rails running in Apache, so the web application for administration is accessible reliably. This will also include some minor updates of the webapp, it still doesn't post exceptions to the database and the AJAX live-watching of the logs still doesn't work well.
Then there are also some plugins that desperately need updates. The MailboxPlugin has been offline forever, the CalendarWatchPlugin is still only a proof-of-concept, the MODE spam that occurs when the bot rejoins is very annoying and some plugins often crash since the last core update.
When that is done, I finally want to write that Plugin Development Guide.
I'll probably also add a short introduction for those who don't know the bot yet to the blog.

Second, the CortUI 1.70 final is at the doorstep for months now, primarily waiting for the addition of the latest software UI. Yes Parci, I haven't forgotten about you. And yes Newtype, I *will* eventually answer your e-mail. wink.gif (Sorry!)
Integrating Parci's UI has been more difficult than expected, because it's the first software UI that doesn't only replace the gauge bars and/or adds a targeting view. While it's mostly integrated, I could track down a bug that crashes the client to one line and I simply can't understand why the crash occurs. I'll probably have to run the client in the debugger.

Third, I wanted to do some work on FAZ for some time now. Last weeks have been so busy that I even deliberately chose to stop reading the forums, to not get dragged into something. smile.gif I plan to start with some minor UI changes, to get used to working with the sources, how to debug it, etc. Of course, that depends a lot on what the FAZ team has already done (I have no idea) and whether they like my suggestions. Also don't expect any insider information here, I'll mostly blog about stuff that has already been done.


Posted by Cort, Jul 11 2006, 05:27 AM in Meta


After a lot of discussions in the RT channel, I could finally come up with a blog title and tagline I like. Thanks again to Ksero for the title suggestion and to everybody who discussed the pros and cons of the Oxford comma with me. smile.gif

I intended to blog for quite a while now, including Allegiance topics. But I was going to write my own blog system that isn't finished yet. Knowing my queue of projects, this could last for some time, so I thought I might as well start with the Allegiance part here.
When my own system is done, I might copy all entries over, use this for the Alleg topics only or post entries in both locations. I don't know yet, only time will tell.

I definitely want to keep this Alleg-related only, that's for sure. Topics will be:

  • The development work on RTBot, guardian of RT's IRC channel.
  • CortUI, although I'm not planning to put a lot more work into it.
  • FAZ development and development of Alleg-related tools.
  • Gameplay occurrences that I think are worth blogging about.

Addendum: It is obvious and well-known that I'm not a native speaker. So here applies what applies for all my posts: I'm happy about every kind of feedback I get, be it a correction, suggestion or just a "you better stop blogging in English"... wink.gif