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**** Read Me First! **** 

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All common problems have solutions posted in the Technical Support section of the wiki.
Check there for your problem before reading on!!!

If you've already checked the knowledgebase for your problem and still need help, read on and please follow these instructions. They'll help your problem get solved more quickly.

The FreeAllegiance Community is filled with people who donate their time to help players like you solve their problems. They cannot help you solve your problem unless you tell them what the problem is. If you do not describe your problem, nobody can solve it. Please be descriptive!!
  • Do not tell us "I can't play!"
  • Please tell us "I get the 'Failed to connect to lobby' error message"

Also, many problems involve routers, modems, joysticks, soundcards, or other pieces of hardware. For this reason, we ask that you please post the make/model of all hardware involved so that you don't have to wait another day while someone asks "Which router do you have?" and then you reply with the make/model.
  • If you give all necessary info in your first post, your problem will be solved much more quickly.

Finally, since solving players' problems usually involves understanding their hardware setup or other technically descriptive terms it can become confusing when multiple people's hardware setups are described in the same topic. To help keep the confusion down, please post your own topic for your problem even if you see someone else has the same problem.
  • Post your own topic for your own problem
  • Do not ask for help in someone else's topic

What Should Happen
This is a step-by-step listing of what should be happening when you try to play Allegiance. You can use these step numbers to indicate where a problem occurs in the posting template found below this list.]
  1. You click the "Allegiance 1.2" shortcut on your desktop, or in your Start menu
    1. A window appears with "Welcome to Allegiance" as title and you have to log on with your callsign and password.
    2. The windows doesn't appear, skip this step.
  2. A window appears with title "Allegiance is starting" with a loading bar.
  3. You click "Play Online"
  4. Allegiance opens up
  5. You click "Free Games" at the bottom
  6. You see the Message Of The Day (MOTD) scrolling. AutoUpdates are performed if necessary.
  7. You click the big wide "Current Games Listing" button below the MOTD.
  8. You see the games lobby, which lists all of the available servers
  9. You select your desired server, and click "Join Game"
  10. You enter the game lobby on grey "Not On A Team" (NOAT) and see players chatting
  11. You choose a team to join, and click "Join Team"
  12. When the game has started, you enter the base screen and can begin play.

If this does not happen, then please post a New Topic in the Helpline forum.

Posting Template
Below is a list of common information that is usually needed to solve problems. To help your problem get solved more quickly, please COPY this template to your new post and fill it out. Remember to include a descriptive subject!
Please COPY the following template to your new post and fill it out.
Windows Version (and Service Packs):
Video Card (Make and Model#):
Sound Card (Make and Model#):
Connection Type (Dialup, Cable, DSL, other):
Modem/Router (Make and Model#):
Internet Service Provider(company name):
Location(State/Province/Locality, and Country):
Installed Mods:

Make and Version of firewall:
Make and version of anti-virus:

Problem Encountered at Step #: (read the "What Should Happen" for this step#)
Which Program (Community Security System/Allegiance):
What Error Message:
Comments (What you tried, description, etc):
...<your comments here>...

Please COPY the above template to your new post and fill it out.
To copy your post:
  1. Select everything between the lines with your mouse (make it blue)
  2. Click the EDIT menu at the top of this screen, and click COPY
  3. Go to the Helpline forum again, and click the "New Topic" button to create a new post
  4. Click inside the textbox to put the cursor there
  5. Click EDIT at the top of that screen, and click PASTE
  6. Fill in the template
Thank you for following these forum posting suggestions. Because of the few minutes you spent here, you will get your problem solved many hours earlier!!


Everyone in the FreeAllegiance community who donates their time to help you solve your problems.
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