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New Version of PongSaver

Posted by TheBored, Mar 15 2010, 01:21 AM

New version. The original post for people who didn't see it.

Apparently I forgot to post here when I updated last... so I'm not forgetting this time!

Previous update: The screensaver wouldn't render correctly, the monitors would be out of order. This was caused by people using monitors in an order other than L->R increasing (eg 3-1-2 instead of the expected 1-2-3). The program now correctly locates the location of each monitor, assuming you have it set properly in Windows.

This update: Removes the god awful CPU usage issue. The program would render at top speed, causing 100% CPU usage. It is now limited. My laptop went from 100% to 30%, your results will vary.

When I originally started this, I only wanted to fix two things -- the backwards bug (done) and the CPU usage (done within reason)... so this very well may be the last release. As usual, suggestions/complaints/bug reports are always welcomed!



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