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New Version of PongSaver

Posted by TheBored, Mar 15 2010, 01:21 AM

New version. The original post for people who didn't see it.

Apparently I forgot to post here when I updated last... so I'm not forgetting this time!

Previous update: The screensaver wouldn't render correctly, the monitors would be out of order. This was caused by people using monitors in an order other than L->R increasing (eg 3-1-2 instead of the expected 1-2-3). The program now correctly locates the location of each monitor, assuming you have it set properly in Windows.

This update: Removes the god awful CPU usage issue. The program would render at top speed, causing 100% CPU usage. It is now limited. My laptop went from 100% to 30%, your results will vary.

When I originally started this, I only wanted to fix two things -- the backwards bug (done) and the CPU usage (done within reason)... so this very well may be the last release. As usual, suggestions/complaints/bug reports are always welcomed!


New player ranks

Posted by TheBored, Jul 27 2009, 08:25 PM

I didn't feel like using the word "newbie" in the title... so overused these days. Anyways, at the risk of sounding like every other old person since the start of time... things sure were better back then.

Of course I say this only in regards to newbie ranks. Not too long ago, ranks were determined solely by unique login days... and that's it! Sure the system sucked for the most part, but newbie ranks actually held for longer than a day or two. When I started, it seemed like a freakin eternity! I can still remember the day when I knew I'd lose my newbie tag... I had that countdown going at least a week in advance. One thing is for sure though - I earned that tag. There's no doubt that I was still new to the game and such... but at least I could follow simple orders. It was such an amazing relief when I lost that tag... I actually had to hold my own in game - no more blaming my mistakes on the (#) after my name.

This is the part that saddens me. We have new players running around the forum saying some pretty clueless things. ELO, HELO, AS... you pick your flavor... none of them can compare to the old days of unique login days. Sure a player can knock out 10 games and be considered a "Novice". Did they learn anything though? I miss the days when it took 3-4 weeks to hit "Novice". At least we could nan!

Just a mini rant, back to arguing CSS design details with Orion salute.gif



Posted by TheBored, Mar 28 2009, 05:45 PM

Allo, long time no post tongue.gif

As some of the IRC regulars know, I've been working on a side project for the past week or so. The project? PongSaver! It is a simple screensaver that plays pong, using the score as a clock. The right side loses once a minute, the left side loses once an hour.

Besides boredom, my main reason for creating this is for dual monitor users (me). The screensaver should correctly scale any number of monitors... I'm afraid I only have 3 to test with though. A couple things are required... the monitors must be in a horizontal layout, left to right. If your monitors are out of order, the game will be as well!

Pic from beta testing
Someone wanted to post a bug... but their cat was quite entertaining. They submitted it as a video instead... here.

The options menu allows for color changing & 12/24 hour clocks. Comments/suggestions/bug reports welcome smile.gif

Requires .NET 2.0 - Download


Oct 13th

Posted by TheBored, Oct 12 2008, 11:41 PM

Two years ago... really? blink.gif



Posted by TheBored, Sep 21 2008, 01:46 AM

2:45AM and the fun is just starting mrgreen.gif



Posted by TheBored, Aug 15 2008, 10:16 PM

I don't know why but I just feel like typing. Sharing my thoughts isn't exactly important, I just feel like typing. Seems that this is a fair place to do it... no one reads this junk anyway tongue.gif

The last couple of weeks have been all over the place. Northern California has been pretty hot recently, which is why I'm outside right now on my deck (far cooler outside at night). The week wraps up and I'll be back home, Southern Cali. 70 degrees all the time wub.gif

I've taken quite a 'break' from FreeAllegiance compared to my norm. I say FreeAllegiance because my in game presence hasn't changed a bit... still one game per week always on Sunday. I'm following my normal progression of interest. My attention sways between and Glory of War, my other internet home. We are a casual gaming community, a bunch of wonderful people over there. It's pretty fair to say that GofW is the polar opposite of Drama is practically non existent, only surfacing in the political forum (affectionately called Hawk and Dove). It's a wonderful thing: forums that don't need moderation.

Anyway, I've been keeping my programming addiction satisfied with a game that GofW has picked up - Ikariam. Its just a simple web game with long build/research times to keep the pace really slow. I've been making all sorts of aids for our alliance, like maps of the world (56k warning). Since none of you know the game, I won't bother going into any more detail. Very entertaining game when you are in an alliance of friends though.

I have my duties for on cruise control for now. The Wiki is looking pretty good. There are only two things I'd want to do... one is on the back burner and the other won't be happening in my lifetime. I'm blessed with an awesome assistant/editor/whateverhewantstobecalled: juckto. The wiki would be far different without him (in a bad way). So I'm just holding back waiting for any new article requirements... suppose I should go check the helpline sometime soon to see if any new errors are popular laugh.gif

Life as a moderator has been mildly entertaining with Frag's most recent outburst. 7 private messages in 24 hours, half wishing death upon me and the other half telling me to go $#@! myself (in various ways... one with a spoon). I'm kinda bummed to see a player I once respected do this to his reputation. Due to my decreased activity in Allegiance though - it isn't the biggest deal ever. Just kinda sad. I'm sure it will all be resolved soon enough smile.gif

In other news, I'm back on Ubuntu again. I was kept away for a large part of the summer because I was involved in coding PK's new website. Its all M$ stuff so the dev work had to be done in Windows. Overall, I think it looks pretty good. A little work left... not much though. Now that the website is mostly done though, I got back into my Linux groove. Spent a day getting everything how I like... pretty comfortable with my current setup. I'm still very disappointed about Linux's COMPLETE lack of an IM client. Pidgin outright blows. I know I can just use Wine to use my favorite Windows client... I just prefer native clients. Wine should only be a last resort.

I'll be using Vista in a couple of weeks, making that 3 OSes I actively use. My new desktop was finished a couple of weeks ago... waiting in Vermont for me. I built it myself in California and had a friend (who was already driving across the country) bring it over there for me. My first impressions weren't terrible... I'd just prefer to avoid it altogether. The computer I built though was made with Vista in mind... I added 4 gigs of ram for it alone (bringing the total to 8). Gotta love the super cheap DDR2 prices right now!

So with the new computer comes new games. I'll still actively play Team Fortress 2 and TrackMania Nations Forever. There have been a lot of games I missed though, Mass Effect and Bioshock are at the top of my list for now. Crysis isn't even on my radar... FarCry sucked too hard for me to care. Evil Genius, suggested by Terralthra, will also be one on my list. I've already played it a good amount.... just feel like playing it again. It's hard to describe... try to think Austin Powers mixed with a RTS. Good times. I'm probably one of the few people on this planet that isn't really psyched for Spore OR Fallout 3. Just not that important to me. Frankly, I'm not sure what I should be excited about. The C&C series will be releasing its next game, Red Alert 3. I don't care even one bit. Red Alert 2 was a complete joke, as was the expansion. Sadly, they kept going in the same direction. Red Alert 1 was SUCH a good game... easily top 10 in my book. Sad to see EA $#@! up another franchise.

Well, this seems to have satisfied my urge to type something... maybe I'll do it again next time I feel like it smile.gif

Till next time,


I can dream, right?

Posted by TheBored, Jul 19 2008, 02:48 PM

I just setup a new computer for myself, lookin rather sexy right now (other than heat issues). With the default installation of Vista () comes the craptastic default background.

What would be completely awesome: an Allegiance desktop background that looks like its meant to be. The ones we have now are cheap knockoff images stretched to a high resolution or pics of ships slapped all over the screen. I'm starting to think though that my opinion of a good background is skewed though.

Since I first started playing Allegiance, I've put my hand it pretty much every pie in the community. This includes some limited artwork stuff, so I know where the images used in backgrounds come from. Does the mystery of an item's origin add to its appeal? I really think it does. A great example is ImmZ' AW:FC Banner. I have NO clue where the planet and text came from... I only know where he got the Bios ship. For me, the image looks very awesome. Browsing through the desktops thread, I know where all of it comes from. Does this mean a truly epic Allegiance background is impossible?




Posted by TheBored, Jun 30 2008, 04:58 PM

Maybe someone knows more than I do. Why do people type Bios in all caps? I'm totally guilty of it myself... but why do we do it? BIOS isn't an Allegiance acronym last time I checked...


Officer's Club

Posted by TheBored, May 27 2008, 02:46 PM

This goes out to any readers that don't have access to the OC.

It's that mysterious forum that sits above all of the squads. The leaders from each squad post in there semi frequently about topics unknown. What do we talk about?

Now you know wink.gif



Posted by TheBored, May 9 2008, 07:57 PM

Flight from Burlington to Newark was delayed due to weather in Newark. I got to Newark but too late so I missed my flight to Cali. Now I get to sleep in Newark airport... anyone else bored? tongue.gif


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