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TFF League Game 2

Posted by Raveen, Aug 8 2011, 05:35 AM in Blood Bowl

Cheats Never Win - Hammer House Horrors
Goblins - Necro
1 - 2

The Gobbos chose to receive in the first half and proceeded to make a right mess of my team. A chainsawed wight, a knocked out werewolf and the other wight who tripped and fell badly hurting himself. The ball was caged up and I had to block through to it with almost no block and certainly no tackle. Things started to go right when the looney died to a golem. The ball got bounced out when a troll fell on it and my ghoul ran it home for a TD. Luckily the KOs came back bringing me back to fullish strength.

The second half started off easier with a quick retrieval and run down the right by the ghoul finishing with a hand off and score by the wolf. At last my wannabe star gets some SPPs! I kicked off again with the ball going deep to the left. The wolf and wights go after it and end up outmanoeuvred by that git on a pogo stick. The ball comes to a gobbo by the trolls and I persuade the coach to try a throw team mate which fails spectacularly with the ball falling into no man's land. A failed werewolf GFI and the gobbos can pick up and run. I balls up the block by positioning assists in the way of my zombie blocker allowing the gobbos to score.

Thankfully I have a skill up on my ghoul so I can get sure hands and at least pick up with relative impunity in future.


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