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FreeAllegiance Forums _ Helpline _ CFG file error

Posted by: Blaze111 Nov 19 2020, 01:48 PM

Windows Version (and Service Packs): windows 10
Video Card (Make and Model#): MSI GTX 1050ti LP (brand new)
Sound Card (Make and Model#): I have honestly no idea
Connection Type (Dialup, Cable, DSL, other): which connection are we talking about.
Modem/Router (Make and Model#): Varies depending on my location but no matter where I am the glitch still occurs
Internet Service Provider(company name): ^
Location(State/Province/Locality, and Country): California or Wisconsin, USA
Installed Mods: none

Make and Version of firewall: I also do not know this but if someone will tell me where to find it I will put it here
Make and version of anti-virus: ^

Problem Encountered at Step #: (read the "What Should Happen" for this step#)
You click "join games" at the bottom, it opens the MOTD and gives me error messages.

Which Program (Community Security System/Allegiance): uh what does this mean
What Error Message: 2 errors, "Unable to connect to the zone, please try again later" and "WARNING: CFG file missing validation string"
Comments (What you tried, description, etc): I reinstalled the game 4 times, I "tried again later", I had steam validate all the files and steam didn't find anything wrong.

Posted by: Papsmear Dec 4 2020, 05:46 PM

Hi Blaze,

Did you get this issue resolved?
If not perhaps post it on the Discord helpline forum it's much more active than this forum.


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