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ASGS Build 150

Posted by Pook, Mar 21 2007, 10:45 PM

The only change is that this build includes a new item on the Tools menu, "Set Callsign to Primary on Login". Checking this box before login will make the callsign that you're logging in with your primary account - the one shown on the leaderboards and such.

If you'd like to update to this build, just choose "Update / Repair" on the ASGS help menu. Eventually it'll be set to auto-push.


Thank you!

Posted by Pook, Mar 21 2007, 09:41 AM

I've gotten so many PMs and Emails over the last few days I thought I'd save a virtual stamp and reply to you all as a group.

wub.gif Thank you! wub.gif

It's nice to be reminded sometimes that the bulk of the community is enjoying themselves and is happy with how things are going. Not everyone will be happy with everything of course, but it seems that the number of people that are not happy with anything are by far the minority.

Please remember that if there are issues that you want to get off your chest, feel free to send a PM to me, Tiger, or Thal... although with Thal you'll have a much longer wait for a reply wink.gif

Thanks again!


Ranks are meaningless...

Posted by Pook, Mar 18 2007, 09:29 PM

That's what I've heard for as long back as I can remember.

I'd like to change it. Hopefully moving to a points-based (even a win/loss points based) system is moving in the right direction. I realize that you guys are sick of your ranks changing all the time. Trust me I'm sick of changing them... every time I do people yell at me all over again.

I've tried to take most of the feedback (i.e. complaints) that people hit me with over ELO and accomodate that within the HELO system. So here's the last bit of accomodation: I'm not going to touch ranks at all from now until May 1. That should give us plenty of time to watch and learn, and give the players a bit of stability to the ranks which I know they want.

(I'm not saying that anything will happen May 1, I'm saying that for sure I won't be doing any recalcs before then)

Thanks for sticking with it.

More ranking Fun

Posted by Pook, Mar 17 2007, 02:24 PM

Well, it's time to try something new.

It was basically the slew of "newbie bannations" that pushed me over the edge, but I've realized that the ELO implementation we were using had too many "special cases" built into it. Too many things trying to make ranks LOOK like ranks should LOOK to appease the special interests. The newbie modifier for example - I had to have a way for new players to have a rank of (0) but an ELO of 1500. Returning Vets - even though they hadn't played in years they groaned when they returned and had a (0) or (7).

Well it's time to change that... the new system is amazingly simple. In a nutshell, here's how it works:

Every time the game is completed, each player on each team gets a "score" vs every other player on the other team. Then all the individual scores are averaged, and that's your point award for the game. There's a "helper" for lower ranked players that reduces the loss you take if your rank is (15) or lower. Otherwise there are no other adjustments made.

Bottom line: You win, you get more points, your rank goes up. You lose, you lose points, your rank goes down. There are no expected outcomes and the point awards aren't based that way at all.

Here's some technical information for those interested:

Your score vs another player (remember, individual) is determined via the following formula:

VsScore = (45 + ((TheirRank - YourRank) * WinFlag)) * WinFlag

"WinFlag" is 1 if you win, -1 if you lost.

So, with 45 points as the base point award you're then awarded points based on the rank of the person you fought. In essence, if a 0 beats a 30, they get 45 + 30 points, or 75 points won. If a 0 loses to a 30, they get 45 - 30 points, or 15 points lost. It works the same way in reverse, a 30 beating a 0 gets little points, a 30 losing to a 0 loses big points.

The "Helper" that makes it so that people at lower ranks don't lose as many points is determined like this:
FinalPoints = Points * ((YourRank + 1) / (15 + 1)))

It's only implemented for people who's rank is 15 or lower. So let's say you're a 15 and you lost 30 points.

FinalPoints = 30 * (15 + 1 / 15 + 1) = Yep, 30. You're a 15 so you get no help.

What if, however, you were a 5?

FinalPoints = 30 * (5 + 1 / 15 + 1) = 11.25 points lost.

That about sums it up. The number of things that makes a game not count has also been reduced. Games will count unless:

- They were less than 5 minutes.
- More than 2 teams.
- Stats were disabled in the game settings.
- Less than 10 players that played at least half the game.
- Game ended in a draw.

A game doesn't count for an individual player if they played for less than 5 minutes. Anyone who played less than 5 minutes is ignored completely... as if they weren't even there.

MOST of you vets will find that your ranks stayed around the same. Newbies are a different story - since you'll get a rank that reflects your gameplay, if you ended up with a high rank due to the time since you registered, that will go away.

A FEW of you vets will find that your rank went WAAAAY down. That's because you're either barely playing or losing a lot... the old system compensated for this by starting you at (15). I'm not performing any such magic now.

Any of you that are angry about your new rank can add yourself to the pissed off counter to the right. mrgreen.gif If you have a serious problem with it, post it here or PM me.

Oh, and PS:

I'm going to cancel all newbie server autobans effective immediately. The next one however is your fault. mrgreen.gif

What's up with my Rank?

Posted by Pook, Mar 14 2007, 11:09 AM

If you haven't noticed, you will soon, that I did a recalc across the ranks again.

I did it for several reasons, the simplest of which is: the modifiers I was applying at each rank were accelerating people's increase in rank too greatly. In other words, people were progressing too quickly.

Another problem was, that while I skewed the system upwards, I skewed it towards the upper limit (30). I was never really sure if that's exactly what I wanted - I'm pretty sure now it was not. So now, it's skewed towards a rating of 2200, which is the boundary between Veteran and Expert. This means that if you are going to maintain a high Expert rating you're going to have to really work at it.

Here's what it looked like before:
Novice, Inter, Veteran, Elite - the modifiers were x4, x4, x2, x1 when you WIN. When you lose it's always x1.

Now, it looks like this:
Novice, Inter, Veteran, Elite - the modifiers are x4, x2, x1, x.5 when you WIN. When you lose it's always x1.

Now those of you that didn't flunk out of remedial math are going to say: "Uh, Pook - that means that once I hit Expert, I only get half points when I win but I lose full points when I lose"... and that's correct. This means to increase your rank as Expert you have to gain more than twice the game-points as you lose.

I think this will help to differentiate the "Experts" from the Experts. If not, well like everything else around here, it's a work in progress and future adjustments can be made.

If this makes you mad, I'll be sure to add you to the "pissed off people" counter to the right. wink.gif

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