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one more thing and then.. (pics)

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Jan 25 2011, 04:56 AM in The Glass HUD

Okay, I'm almost done now.

I have designed a glasshud-specific version of the minimap and inventory that i'm happy with, barring a few details.

I'm still really pleased with myself for the large targetview. It looks very nice. Only now the smaller targetview is looking a bit iffy in comparison.

Anyway, I promised pics. so...

EDIT: changed the images to links, to make this post a bit friendlier to slimmer bandwiths.


uneyed, autopilot on.


under fire


eyed and cloaking

uneyed and cloaked

sectorview, cloaked and eyed and Vector Lock

uneyed, energy drained with cloak on.

that's all i could think of screenshotting... hope you like it!


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