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let's see if this old chunk of junk still works

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Oct 10 2017, 08:46 AM in GUI-Modding

*kicks blog window*
ok, that looks like it still actually works. Awesome.

Ok, so we're going to revamp the UI for Allegiance. Lots do do.

good news is; I'm going to solicit help this time.

It's going to be a rather big project. More on this later.

If you have skills in this department, drop me a line. We need mdl codemonkeys, layout designers and graphic artists.

new beta v 158

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Jan 22 2012, 01:41 PM in The Glass HUD

Hiya boys and girls.

clickerty-click for a brand new beta of the glassHUD

featuring all new artwork for the small target section, and some other stuff.

as usual, install at your own risk.

New Beta 156

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Jan 9 2012, 05:33 PM in The Glass HUD

allright boys and girls, get yer new Beta for CortUI here.

And remember, backing up your artwork folder is for sissies. Real men just copy that @#(! right over.

have fun!

updated artwork - command mode eye rethink

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Jan 5 2012, 05:23 AM in The Glass HUD

now testing new installer r156.

allright, so i've been fiddling with this again. As always, the images link to larger versions.

First of all, after trying out several designs for a nice looking eye to pop up in command mode, i realised that a simple text message would probably look best and do the trick. More noticeable than anything out there, you'll never have to worry about missing the eye warning while in f3 again.

I've also made some changes to the artwork. You'll notice a faint gradient on the gauges, making it look slightly more elegant. Also note the new gauges in the small target section below the main hud.

Here you can get a better view of the small target gauges. They still need their slight gradient effect applied, but you get the idea. The top half of the oval represents the target shields. the bottom half its hull. Both deplete from the top down.

This is the target with damaged shields.

This is the target with damaged hull.

Next on my to do list is to add some target info to the lower target section (shiptype, first and foremost). Also some of the string indicators (speed and sig and so forth) are overlapping a bit with the artwork. finally i want to tweak the inventory in minimap artwork a bit and make a matching menu for the command mode command buttons.

commentary to changes so far

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Dec 13 2011, 05:38 PM in The Glass HUD

So, i figured maybe it's a good idea to talk about some of the changes i made so far in the GlassHUD.

First off: I discovered that, while the new PNG support in the graphics engine allows for automatic (semi-)transparency in artwork, you still need the BlendImage() function for a satisfying result. This was part of the reason some of the icons came off looking very dark - using BlendImage() with the BlendModeAdd parameter made the semi-transparent artwork a lot brighter.

I used this to touch up the way the eye system works:

Notice below the central oval made up of two blue (teamcolor) lines, and the second smaller oval below the fuel gauge in the center. These pop up when eyed. These ovals used to be part of the 'Inrange' artwork. However, since being inrange usually comes with the reticule popping up, i figured you didn't really need them.


compare this image showing the uneyed state:

Combined with the gauges becoming brighter; getting eyed should be hard to miss.

As you can see in the image below, the Inrange artwork is still there. It is comprised of the six 'spokes' jutting out from the center.

I'm considering splitting these up as well, so that the outermost parts light up at ideal stealthbomb range, when it's time to mount missiles, and when you can fire an AB missile, given speed and distance of the base (no, you can't read out the exact lifetime of the missile from the core file, it'll have to be a rule-of-thumbish indicator). The innermost parts would be the ones that indicate the target being in actual range of your guns (which would be supplemented by your reticule, of course).

Notice that the lines in the ovals and the spokes are brighter than in the initial design. I intend to build on this and attempt to conform the overall design to essentially two 'forms' of artwork; one being the grey/white striped wider bits that make up the gauges and the other being thin translucent lines in the team color, with a star-wars-y gradient effect to make them appear shiny and dynamic.

For this reason the iconset is undergoing some changes.

I'm still working on a satisfying eye indicator for command mode.

I may just go for a big-ass shiny oval. We'll see.

sneak preview

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Dec 2 2011, 09:30 AM in The Glass HUD

(right-click -> view image to see proper sized images)

Blue entering aleph uneyed

well hey, look who's there!

But yellow is like - whoah! - and then he's like - you talking to me? - and then he's like - bam! in your face motherf***er!

and blue is like: OW! WTF?

and then blue is going - o@#(!o@#(!o@#(!o@#(!o@#(! and he tries to run but Yellow sees him

and now blue is like - o boy. I'm screwed.

and then he got screwed.

(...) bleep (...) bleep (...) bleepbleep - bleepbleepbleepbleep

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Dec 1 2011, 03:44 AM in The Glass HUD

Going to revive this old project soon and adress a few standing issues.

just so you know.


Posted by Bunnywabbit, Mar 16 2011, 07:59 AM in The Glass HUD

Hey everyone,

I give you the new beta for GlassHUD!

A selection from the stuff I changed in r155

CortUI Core
* The inventory and minimap menu styles are now determined by your choice of HUD

* background for targetview now serves as a pretty big eye icon, in addition to your Gauges lighting up.
* target name, KB and distance now moved to upper part of central HUD.
* target KB now appears next to player KB
* target speed now appears directly below player speed for easy comparison (note: player speed should be in bold)
* sig, cloak and energy related info is now on the right, speed, AP en VL info on the left.
* changed algorithm behind ETA indicator on the large target view. If it's between parentheses the target is going faster than you are. It still doesnt take vector into account, and is wildly inaccurate while either you or the target is accelerating or decelerating, so use wisely.
* pimped artwork with sexy gradients.

Get it here.

these pics are from r154, one notch before the current one. the revision pertains to the small target background artwork.

inbase, hangar
inflight, eyed, no target
uneyed with target
eyed with target
eyed with target
under fire
under fire
cloaked no target
cloaked with target

Also, if you want to mess with the artwork yourself, now you can, provided you have photoshop or some other program that can read PSD's.

damn, im good.

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Feb 23 2011, 12:19 PM in GUI-Modding


// Inventorys Pane

InvTopImage =
ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/classic/inventorytop.png", false),
(1, ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/greytones/inventorytop.png", false)),
(2, ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/greytones/inventorytop.png", false)),
(3, ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/GlassHUD/inventorytop.png", false))

InvLineImage =
ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/classic/inventorylinebkgnd.png", false),
(1, ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/greytones/inventorylinebkgnd.png", false)),
(2, ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/greytones/inventorylinebkgnd.png", false)),
(3, ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/GlassHUD/inventorylinebkgnd.png", false))

InvBottomImage =
ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/classic/inventorybottom.png", false),
(1, ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/greytones/inventorybottom.png", false)),
(2, ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/greytones/inventorybottom.png", false)),
(3, ImportImageFromFile("mods/CortUI/media/GlassHUD/inventorybottom.png", false))

InventoryHeight =

ILH = 18;

IL = Divide(Subtract(InventoryHeight,Multiply(ILH,2)),ILH);

LN1 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,1),emptyImage,[(1, InvLineImage)]);
LN2 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,2),emptyImage,[(2, InvLineImage)]);
LN3 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,3),emptyImage,[(3, InvLineImage)]);
LN4 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,4),emptyImage,[(4, InvLineImage)]);
LN5 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,5),emptyImage,[(5, InvLineImage)]);
LN6 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,6),emptyImage,[(6, InvLineImage)]);
LN7 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,7),emptyImage,[(7, InvLineImage)]);
LN8 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,8),emptyImage,[(8, InvLineImage)]);
LN9 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,9),emptyImage,[(9, InvLineImage)]);
LN10 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,10),emptyImage,[(10, InvLineImage)]);
LN11 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,11),emptyImage,[(11, InvLineImage)]);
LN12 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,12),emptyImage,[(12, InvLineImage)]);
LN13 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,13),emptyImage,[(13, InvLineImage)]);
LN14 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,14),emptyImage,[(14, InvLineImage)]);
LN15 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,15),emptyImage,[(15, InvLineImage)]);
LN16 = SwitchImage(Min(IL,16),emptyImage,[(16, InvLineImage)]);

InvBackgroundLines =
TranslateImage(InvBottomImage, Point(0,Subtract(ILH,PointY(ImageSize(InvBottomImage))))), //because size may differ.
TranslateImage(LN1, Point(0,ILH)),
TranslateImage(LN2, Point(0,Multiply(2,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN3, Point(0,Multiply(3,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN4, Point(0,Multiply(4,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN5, Point(0,Multiply(5,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN6, Point(0,Multiply(6,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN7, Point(0,Multiply(7,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN8, Point(0,Multiply(8,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN9, Point(0,Multiply(9,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN10, Point(0,Multiply(10,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN11, Point(0,Multiply(11,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN12, Point(0,Multiply(12,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN13, Point(0,Multiply(13,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN14, Point(0,Multiply(14,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN15, Point(0,Multiply(15,ILH))),
TranslateImage(LN16, Point(0,Multiply(16,ILH))),
TranslateImage(InvTopImage, Point(0,Subtract(InventoryHeight, ILH)))

may have gotten a handle on flexible menu-style switching

Posted by Bunnywabbit, Feb 23 2011, 10:16 AM in GUI-Modding

one of the hard bits is trying to make our inventory and minimap mods in such a way, that users can easily switch between versions.

And by easily, i mean in flight, for preference.

Trouble is that SwitchImage pretty much only works in dialog.mdl

One way to achieve this, would be to place all the artwork in dialog.mdl and give the mdl's that build the inventory and minimap wholly transparent, 0 opacity images. That way, the real inventory would be just the text, digits and smaller icons and completely transparent images that serve only to determine the height and width of each line. Meanwhile, the background artwork would be right behind those transparent pics, and determined in dialog mdl.

Trouble is that both the minimap and the inventory change sizes in game, so you need some way in dialog.mdl to find out whether the minimap is expanded, and how many parts are mounted on the current ship. The first is easy. The second is not. There is no direct way to get the number of mounted parts, and so there is no way to figure out how high the background image should be for the inventory.

So an interesting idea came up.

You can use ImageSize(image) to return a point value, giving the image's top right coordinates as a point value.
There are also the functions PointX(pointvalue) and PointY(pointvalue) which allow you to take a pointvalue apart as numbervalues for the X and Y axis respectively.

the upshot is, that you can do the following:

InventoryHeight =

which gives you the height of the Inventory Menu dynamically.

Now if we had a working ClipImage() function, all we had to do was make a large background image of a decent enough width, and use clipimage plus our new InventoryHeight value to cut a nice piece out of it that we can use.

Sadly we don't. All we have that can crop a part of an image, is GaugeImage, so i'm either forced to use that, or think of something else.

/me ponders.

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