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Squad games are games played between squads. Generally held on Sunday afternoons at 1500 NYT, these games are far more intense than your standard Allegiance pick-up game, having a level of teamwork, competition and skill not seen outside of them.

Squads often partake in larger competitions, overseen by the Events Zone Leader. This includes squad tournaments, squad doubles tournaments, and squad leagues.


Squad members are very used to flying together, from all the time they've spent playing squad games, playing practice matches, or even just flying on the same team on the main servers.

As such each squad member is well aware of the others' skills and abilities. They know what roles their squad mates will perform and that they can rely on them to do that. They know who is a good bomber pilot, and who is a good turret gunner. They know who is good in an interceptor, and who is a good combat nan. They know who has a sound grasp of tactics, and will listen to them when they come up with a plan.

All in all, a squad is very used to working together as a team to achieve objectives. You don't see five squad mates probing a sector when one scout will do, you don't see six interceptors hunting a miner with no scout to eye it, and you don't see bombers with no nans.


Squad games are a lot more competitive - players aren't playing just for fun, but for pride. Whether the two squads are fighting to win a tournament, or just for bragging rights, their determination to win is unmatched. Resigning a squad game is a very rare event.

On their squad forums squads discuss new strategies, and go over past games to find what went wrong/right. Squads are constantly trying to improve themselves to become tougher opponents in squad games.


One of the things that set squad games apart is the complete lack of newbies, to put it bluntly. There is no dead weight on the team, no enemy pilots that you can "just ignore cause he doesn't know what he's doing". Everyone knows what they're doing (supposedly), and does it well.

If you browse the active squads then you will notice that a standard application requirement is completion of Cadet. This isn't a guaranteed entrance to the squad, but more of a minimum requirement.


Squad games are organised in the Officers Club forum by the Squad Leaders or Assistant Squad Leaders of each squad. Most squad games are scheduled for 1500 New York Time on Sunday afternoons.

Daylight Saving Time and you.

The squad game time (SGT in short) is affected by daylight saving time switches. In particular, when the US east coast uses EST, squad games happen at 1500 EST; when US east coast uses DST, squad games happen at 1500 EDT.

A simple way of saying this is that squad games are scheduled for 1500 in whatever time zone New York happens to be in for that day. :)

This spells trouble when the US east coast is using DST and the state/country you live in does not, which pretty much is "the rest of the world". :) You could read the long Wikipedia article about various DST rules in the world or you could use one of the many web sites doing time conversions. Google is also your friend.

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