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A pickup game, or PUG, refers to any game where any player can show up, join a team, and the game gets started. PUG's constitute the majority of games played in Allegiance, and are notorious for the severe lack of teamwork and skill displayed in them.

Because of this many veteran players view them as a chance to practice basic skills and little else; others forgoing even that and choosing to play in squad games only.

A PUG is a step between the newbie server and squad games.

Squad Scrimmages

In 2007 Ozzy, the then-current Events Zone Leader, implemented a different type of PUG called Squad Scrimmage Night. It is available to Cadets and squadded players only. It is being held on Thursday nights (EST), and all participants must display their squad tag in order to play.

Squad scrimmages were started with the intent for squads to have more opportunities to practice together, without the hassle of getting all their squad together at the same time.

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