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Dec The closed beta of Allegiance was released.
Jan The open beta of Allegiance was released.
Open beta changelog
Mar 29th Public release of Allegiance.
May 19th Version 1.1 released.
1.1 Code changes
1.1 Balance changes
May 25th Version 1.11 released.
1.11 Balance changes
Jun 19th Version 1.2 released.
1.2 Code changes
1.2 Balance changes
Jun 26th Version 1.22 released.
1.22 Balance changes
Jul 3rd Version 1.23 released.
1.23 Balance changes
Sep 26th Version 1.24 released.
1.24 Code changes
??? Spunkmeyer released Special operations core.
Feb 18th SOV_Vencain released SOVRoute
May 15th Microsoft announced that it had decided to stop supporting Allegiance
Apr 27th SOV_Vencain released SOVShowCG
Jun 9th SOV_Vencain released SOVGuard
Jun 16th The final patch, Version 1.25 was released
1.25 Balance changes
Sep 1st SOV_Vencain released SOVLog
??? Pook released Zoom core.
Jan-Jun Allegiance Wars 3 (AW3)
May 2nd Spunkmeyer released Allegiance + core.
Jun 21st SOV_Vencain released SOVLogin
Jul 17th Open beta of ASGS released by Pook.
Feb Noir released Dark Nebulae core.
Feb Vlymoxyd released Race core.
Feb 5th SOLAP persuaded Microsoft to release the source code for Allegiance.
Apr DrStrnglv released Rock Paper Scissors core.
Apr 27th FAZ Beta officially started.
Aug Hawkwood released Edge of Reality core.
Sep Paradigm released Good old Days core.
Sep Pook released Pook core.
Apr Weedman released Star Wars core.
Mar 1st FAZ R1 released by Dev team.
Aug 1st FAZ R2 released by Dev team.
Aug 17th Grimmwolf released Good old Days II core.
Dec 14th FAZ R3 released by Dev team.
Mar Apochboi released Warp core.
Sep Gappy released Valley of Saturns core.
Nov 1st FAZ R4 released by Dev team.
Nov 1st Andon released Battlestar Galactica core
May 17th Community Core released.
Jul Development and design of CSS started
Nov 16th FAZ R5 released by Dev team.
Nov CSS goes into closed beta phase
Jan NightRychene released eXtreme Core
Feb New Installer makes installation easier
Feb ACSS enters the public beta phase
May 14th FAZ R6 released by Dev team.
Oct 15th ACSS replaces ASGS

Allegiance was originally developed by Microsoft in 1999-2000. They eventually released seven patches to both update the game code and to balance the gameplay. These changelogs are maintained in the archive section of this wiki and, if you wish, you can access them by following the links within the timeline to the right.

When Microsoft stopped developing the game players couldn't fix the game code, but they could attempt to balance the gameplay by using KGJV's ICE program to edit the core gameplay data files.

When the source code was released by Microsoft in 2004 the community founded the FAZ project - Free Allegiance Zone. The goal of the project was to fix the many bugs that had been discovered, to update the network code to ensure ease of installation, and to begin upgrading the game with new features. This is still an ongoing process.

Development process

Outdated content This page does not reflect the current state of things.

Some information within this article is either obsolete, hasn't been updated in a long time, incomplete, or otherwise invalid.

The core of Allegiance, including the game client, server and lobby code are being developed by the FAZ Development team in an open source project led by the Development Zone Leader. Note that you don't have to be an official member of the FAZ team to help develop - anybody is free to download, examine and offer patches. For your patch to be included in an official build it needs to be submitted to the Development team for approval. The authentication front-end ASGS system is closed source for security reasons.

For each release a set of goals are created and members of the development team can commit to the SVN repository for review and inclusion in beta builds until a feature freeze is made (usually when the development team feels enough improvements have been made). Patches that have a clear affect on gameplay are taken to the community for voting.

Beta builds are run on a special development lobby to weed out bugs. Towards the end of each development cycle public weekly beta games are held to stress test the new releases and find the final bugs.

It is important to note that only pre-approved builds are accepted by ASGS when logging on for play and the production lobby is restricted. Therefore you can not build your own client and play on the normal servers, nor you can build your own server and put it on the production lobby.

Language, Platform and APIs

Allegiance was originally created with Visual C++ 6.0. It was built as a 'real word' showcase of Microsoft DirectX (version 7) technologies:

  • DirectPlay for networking
  • Direct3D for 3D graphics
  • DirectDraw for 2D graphics
  • DirectInput for mouse/keyboard/joystick inputs
  • DirectSound for 3D spacialized sound effects

The game also intensively uses another key Microsoft technology : COM/OLE (local and remote).

When the source code was released in 2004, the Free Allegiance community ported it to Visual C++ 2003 and following versions. Along the way, the community upgraded the networking code to DirectPlay 8, the graphics to Direct3D 9 removing DirectDraw in the process and the inputs to DirectInput 8.

As of today, the code requires Visual C++ 2008 or 2010 (2003 and 2005 versions are not supported anymore) and latest DirectX SDK.

Current Development

Additional wiki articles concerning development:


There have been many patches that aren't part of the official build for various reasons.

Historical Development

Code changelogs

Note that these are different from Game Balance changelogs, you would need to look up the appropriate core to view those.

FAZ Development
About Free Allegiance Zone
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