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Allegiance Wars refers to a series of tournaments run by the FAZ community that are played in a persistant universe.

2008 - Allegiance Wars: Fleet Command

McWarren4 is currently (13 June 2008) organising the tournament and hopes to have it running by September 2008. See this thread for more details.


Allegiance Wars: Fleet Command is a new aspect of Allegiance, an ongoing event where we will have a persistent world displayed on a map which we refer to as the global map. It combines the traditional Allegiance strategy aspects and adds a new macro aspect in which a Global Commander must make decisions that may result in glorious victory or utter defeat.

The global map will change based on fleet movements and battle results. There will be two teams. Each team will have a global commander. The global commanders will draft their teams and those teams will be set for the duration of the event. These teams will be considered the 'global' teams. The commander of a global team can buy fleets, constructors, carriers, and other things that will affect and change the persistent world.

Teams can also buy technology that will allow them access to improved forms of combat and will increase the efficiency of their economy.

When opposing units meet in a sector on the global map a conflict will result. The conflict's outcome will be determined by an actual game of Allegiance. The loser's units will be removed from the global map while the winner's units will continue on. Each unit on the map, if it has an offensive or defensive capability will be represented by a team in the Allegiance game.

2005(ish) - Allegiance Wars 4

During Allegiance Wars 4 each team used non-standard factions. Instead of the normal factions each team started with an identical starting "base line" but got a certain amount of points to spend on upgrading their faction however they chose. As the tournament was underway they continued to upgrade the faction based on their current holdings in the 'campaign map', and so each team's faction became more distinct from the others as the war progressed.

These tournament-only factions were created using ICE to modify a core that was only used for the tournament games.