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Code changes developed by Microsoft.

MS 1.1 (May 19, 2000)

Balance Changelog here

  • A new missile has been introduced: the MRM Aleph Resonator. It can be fired by capital ships, costs $1000 each and is useless against normal targets. If it hits an aleph, however, it will destabilize the aleph, causing a massive explosion 15 seconds later that will damage anything within about 1,000m of the either end of the aleph. Friendly ships and structures will be damaged by this explosion, even if the friendly fire game option is disabled.

MS 1.2 (June 19, 2000)

Balance Changelog here

Our second major update, Allegiance 1.2, is live now! What does this update offer?

  • Allegiance 1.2 gives players Carriers - a first in online gaming. Now you can fly your carrier into enemy territory and dispatch all your fighters in a massive assault!
  • Every faction can purchase up to 4 carrier drones. These drones will go where they are told to go and will never run. Players in small craft can land at a carrier drone to get repaired, refueled, and rearmed. Missiles and other expendables will be replaced, and more advanced parts will be installed (if available). The player's hull will not be upgraded. Basic attributes:
    • Researched for $10k at shipyard 1, purchased for $6k.
    • Speed 100 mps, signature 100%, 7000 armor, no shield.
    • It has the relay lead indicator ability.
  • Allegiance 1.2 brings the fifth faction to Allegiance, an alien race called the Rixians! These alien craft have no missile capability but can drop gun pods to fire at all enemy craft.
  • Territorial Win condition - now owning 75% of the sectors will allow players to win the game.
  • Resign and Draw are now vote-enabled meaning 70% of all players must agree to the call or the Commander can't resign or draw.
  • Commanders can now earn points for commanding their team to victory.
  • Numerous other balance, gameplay and UI issues have been addressed making the Allegiance 1.2 update the biggest update to Allegiance yet!

Following is a complete list of the changes made in the 1.2 update. These changes can also be found in Allegiance's READ-ME file. We hope they add to your enjoyment of the game!

User Interface Changes:

  • If you have changes for your input configuration, you will need to remap your keys.
  • The pilots of a ship with turrets can "promote" a turret gunner: the pilot and gunner swap roles. Shift-Y, shift-U, shift-I & shift-O to promote turret 1 - 4.
  • Probes and minefields display a "time left" bar in the "all" radar mode.
  • The radar icons for treasures have changed slightly. In most radar modes:
    • Treasures that will, if recovered, give your side a new technology are shown with a 'T' icon.
    • Powerups are shown with a lightning bolt icon.
    • "Useful" treasures (e.g. missiles that your ship can launch, or ammo if you have a mounted weapon that uses ammo) are shown with a "+" icon.
  • If you are ripcording, the sector mini-map will display a red triangle in the sectors were you will ripcord to another ship and a red diamond in the sectors where you will ripcord to either a teleport probe or a teleport receiver.

Gameplay Changes:

  • Sectors now have limited stability. Each ship (and to a lesser extent drones, eject pods and turrets) chips away at that stability. When a sector becomes unstable (starting at about 37 ships) all ships in the sector start taking damage until the sector regains stability. The more unstable the sector, the more damage is incurred. You will be notified if your ship starts taking damage due to sector instability.
  • Brawl maps can support up to 36 players.
  • Shipyards can be disabled from the new game screen.
  • The countdown victory condition has changed. It is now a time limit and the winner, when time runs out, will be based on the victory conditions picked for the game. The conditions listed first in the game state pane are tested first to determine a winner.
  • For example, if you are playing a conquest and prosperity game and time runs out, the side with the most starbases will be the game winner (even if the other side has made more progress on the reinforcements development). If both sides had the same number of starbases, then the side with the most progress towards reinforcements will win. Number of kills (followed by lowest number of deaths) is always used if none of the other victory conditions defines a winner.
  • A new victory condition has been added: Territory. A territory game ends when one sides has sole control of 75% of the map's sectors (meaning they have a station in the sector and the other side does not). This is not a legal victory condition on the smallest maps.
  • A new game option has been added: map connectivity. This will randomly remove some redundant alephs from the map (an aleph is redundant if there are two distinct paths between its endpoints).
  • If the pilot of a ship with turrets quits the game, the first turret is promoted to be the ship's pilot.
  • If you launch a missile at a ship you cannot see, the missile will not track. If you launch a missile at something you can see and lose sight of it before the missile hits, the missile will continue to track normally.
  • "Commander" wins and losses are now being tracked. A team's commander is the person who was in command for the greatest amount of time (and may not be the person who was in command at the end of the game).
  • Scoring change: the pilot of a ship gets points for ships killed by the turret gunners. Bomber, gunship, & frigate pilots get 1/4 the points scored by a gunner, light cruiser pilots get 1/5 the points, and cruiser & devastator gunners get 1/6 the points.
  • Anyone can now type "#resign" in the chat pane to propose that his or her team resign. The members of the team will then see the issue proposed to them, and can vote in favor of or against resigning by pressing insert or delete, respectively. After 30 seconds if the majority vote to resign, the team will resign.
  • Any team member can type "#draw" to propose a draw. His or her team will then get to vote on whether they wish to offer a draw. If the majority of that team votes to offer a draw, the other teams will then have a chance to vote on whether they wish to accept the draw. If all teams accept the draw, the game will end without either team gaining a win or a loss.
  • Ships that are in the process of ripcording may not drop probes or minefields, or fire fixed weapons. The turret gunners are allowed to continue firing.
  • Activating a ship's ripcord deactivates its cloak.
  • Ripcording to an assault ship will reduce the assault ship's energy. If the assault ship does not have enough energy to pay for the ripcord at the time the ripcord completes, then the ripcord will be aborted. Assault ships have a maximum of 4000 to 4800 energy. The cost of ripping to an assault ship depends on the ship that is ripcording:
    • Fighter, patroller, enhanced fighter, or advanced fighter: 500.
    • Stealth fighter or advanced stealth fighter: 750.
    • Scout, advanced scout, or stealth bomber: 1000.
    • Gunship. bomber, or heavy bomber: 1250.
    • Troop transport or heavy troop transport: 1500.
    • Capital ship: 2250.

MS 1.24 (September 26, 2000)

No balance changes - ie this IS the complete changelog.

  • Players with failed connections are cleaned out more efficiently.
  • Docked players no longer inundated with heavy server message traffic.
  • Drones no longer message players redundantly.
  • More efficient DPlay parameters.
  • Numerous back-end server modifications for efficient packet management.
  • Top three client crashguard report bugs fixed.

See Also

  • MS core - this details all the gameplay changes from version 1.0 -> 1.24.