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ICE is the .IGC Core Editor for Allegiance by KGJV. It is used by core developers to balance their core.

Using ICE

As for using ICE, its all pretty straightforward (fighters are under ships, max speed is clearly labeled max speed, etc.) except for pres & defs and a couple odd quirks here and there. The best way to learn to use ICE is to get into it with a core and just start experimenting with what changes what.

Quick guide to Pres & defs

"Pre" is short for prerequisite. Every prerequisite must be met before you can use that item, however most prerequisites can be satisfied by more than one item. For example the prerequisite to build a shipyard is a techbase - but any techbase will fulfill that pre.

"Def" is short for definition. It is the pre slots that an item 'fills', if you have the item. Defs are usually found on factions and devels (items in the F5 menu), although parts tend to define themselves (thus allowing them to be 'stolen').

"devel" is development

Example Load up CC_04 to follow along

Go into Parts and down to PW Gat Gun 2. Select it, then change to the Tech tree tab on the top right. What you should see is:

Depends on


Faction: Belters (101) 'No Devel'
Faction: Bios (35) 'No Devel'
Faction: Etc
Devel: PW Gattling Gun 2 (71)
Devel: PE Plasma Gattling Gun 2 (174)
Part: PE Gat Gun 2 (6)
Part: PW Gat Gun 2 (71)


Faction: Belters (101) 'Devel'
Faction: Belters (101) 'No Devel'
Faction: Etc


Faction: Etc 'Devel'
Faction: Etc 'No Devel'
Station: Supremacy (Adv) (7)
Station: Supremacy (11)
Station: Etc


Faction: Etc 'Devel'
Faction: Etc 'No Devel'
— Quoted from ICE

What does this mean? PW Gat 2 requires at least one item from alll of pre #s 118, 157, 230, and 356. Thus it requires 4 separate items for the tech to be available to a team in-game.

118 is the weapon tech itself. It is fulfilled by having development turned off (i.e. in a death match), or by having researched Gat 2 under supremacy (the devels) or by picking up PE gat 2 or PW gat 2 and bringing it home (the parts).

157 just defines the different factions that can use this tech, with both devel on or off. A team on any one of these factions will have gat2 available if it meets the other pres as well. Any faction not on this list will be unable to use that tech.

230 is the techbase. Remember how if you lose your sup you lose gat2? That's because of this prerequisite. Once again you will see all the factions listed with devel off - to fulfill this requirement during deathmatches. And belters has it with devel on, so they can use tech without the techbase.

356 just defines the factions again. Except this time the list does not include TF, thus TF cannot use PW gat 2 (they use PE gat 2 instead)

One more note: At the top you'll notice that 118 is also in the "def" list. The item is giving itself one of its own prerequisites? But of course! This allows teams that pick up gat2 and bring it home to fulfill that requirement.

Devel on or off

Factions don't have any prerequisites. Instead, for them, the "Pre" button acts as a 'Devel' def, and the "Def" button acts as a 'No Devel' def. 'No Devel' is typically used in deathmatch games.


Locals affect which ships can launch from which bases. Stations are the ones that normally define locals (giving a local to a devel or part will have no effectVerify). Ships or stations can then have that local as a pre-requisite, thus limiting where they can launch from. (In the case of stations it limits where the station constructor can launch from).

Example In CC_05 all capital ships have the prerequisite #247. This is a local at the shipyard, and this is what makes caps only able to launch from the sy.
Warning! Using locals to create a station where a player is unable to select a ship (for instance being unable to afford it) will crash the game when they transfer to that station.

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