Which ports does Allegiance use?

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This program almost never has connectivity problems since it communicates via outgoing requests only

  • TCP port 80 (HTTP)
  • TCP port 443 (HTTPS)

Allegiance Client

This program had many connectivity problems, but they were resolved with the release of R3. Nowadays, Allegiance does not need to have ports forwarded to the client computer.

  • TCP port 80 (HTTP)
  • UDP ports 2300-2400 (DirectPlay, incoming)

Allegiance Server

If you only want to play Allegiance, you do not have to worry about these ports. These ports are only necessary if you wish to host your own gameserver.

  • TCP port 80 (HTTP)
  • TCP port 47624 (DirectPlay, incoming)
  • TCP ports 2300-2400 (DirectPlay, outgoing)
  • UCP ports 2300-2400 (DirectPlay, outgoing)