Allegiance is extremely laggy! My ship jumps all over the place!

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There are different kinds of lag, one kind of lag is cause by connection problems, the other kind is cause by low frame rates.

Connection troubles

  • Make sure that you or your flatmate/family does not download or uploads stuff while you play. It can cause severe and sporadic lag. Double check, often people forget about such stuff
  • Turn off the power of your modem and router (if applicable) and turn it on again. Often earlier connection problems caused the modem to fall back to a slower connection speed. Resetting it will force it to check the connection again.

Graphical problems

  • If you own a modern nVidia or ATI card and use a driver that is more or less current (nVidia Driver version > 100, ATICatalyst >=8.6), you might experience a bug that causes huge performance hits. There is an alpha version of Allegiance that fixes those problems, but introduces minor glitches. You can help improving that version by testing it and reporting new bugs. You can find the description along with the known bugs here. Please note, that Intel chipsets are not supported by that version at the moment.